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How to Vlog: A Complete Guide to Start Vlogging in 2022-2023

Jackson Bill
How to Vlog: A Complete Guide to Start Vlogging in 2022-2023

If I say that you can also become a successful vlogger in India like Sourav Joshi, will you trust me?

An average of 694,000 hours of video are streamed by YouTuber users each and every minute. YouTube has 38 million active YouTube channels, 2.2 billion monthly active users over 100 country, 122 million daily active users, and so on.

So, how would you break through the situation?

Well, I am the person who can help you to start your journey as a professional vlogger. Before moving further, I must tell you that if you are here to know the quick hacks to become a successful vlogger over night, I would request you to leave the blog here.

I am saying it because vlogging is something you need to invest time and hard work in.

Yes! It takes time and, in some cases, it takes years so you need to have patience. 

What Does a Vlogging Do?

Vlogging is inspired by blogging which means vlogging is a kind of video blogging because a work of a vlogger is to create content in the form of short videos, films animation on a particular subject. Now a days YouTube has become a powerful platform for vlogging or publishing any video content to earn some money and become popular.

What is vlogging vs Blogging?

There is not much difference between Vlogging and Blogging. It has only the difference of content format because vlogging is all about creating video content. On the other hand, blogging is creating content in the form of written/text format, along with images, gifs, etc.

How Do Beginners Start Vlogging?

In order to start vlogging for beginners, you need to plan the things in a structure way. Let us understand the things that you need – 

1. Understand your audience &find your niche.

2. Upload content with consistency.

3. You should have a story to tell your audience to engage them.

4. Make catchy title and description for your content to attract people to click your video.

5. Follow trends &be aware of what's going on.

Do Vloggers Earn Money?

In 2022, vlogging is also a biggest career opportunity which makes money for you. Vlogging changed the life of many people which you can see on YouTube.

5 Benefits of Vlogging?

There are multiple types of benefits of Vlogging, in which some are most popular – 

1. Once you’ll become a successful vlog, can get fame and fortune like Sourav Joshi from Sourav Joshi Vlogs.

2. If you are a marketer and a vlogger too, you can reach a wider audience size in the market.

3. You can engage directly with your audience.

4. Drive unlimited traffic to your website.

5. Sell affiliate products of big brands and earn good amount of commission.

How Long Does Vlogging Last?

Generally, you’ll find vlog length min 3-5 minutes but we you’ should keep the video length as per your audience behavior. Which means, you should consider the YouTube analytics to show the data of your audience. If you are getting good watch time on your 3-5 minutes videos, you should increase the length of the video accordingly.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t forget to get your video in front of people.You could make the best video the world has ever seen, but that won’t make you a successful YouTuber.

Jackson Bill
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