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The Ultimate Guide Bird Food And Treats

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The Ultimate Guide Bird Food And Treats

Despite its undeniable obviousness, it is worth bearing in mind that food is a vital factor in the maintenance, health, and well-being of any pet, including birds.

In this case, its different options are added as a variable depending on the species in the home. In light of the first evidence, let us point out a second one: what you need to eat. For example, a canary, one of the domestic birds, is not the same as a parrot.

Not only that, but it also changes depending on the seasons so that they need more calories in winter and in summer fewer. Therefore, different edges must be evaluated to choose the most appropriate one.

What does bird food consist of?

With a generic character, it is a mixture of different seeds. However, other additions can be added to this cocktail, such as pieces of fruit, vegetables, or legumes and specialized food supplements.

As kwikpets have already pointed out, the type of bird will be decisive in removing or adding some of the possible ingredients.

What types of bird food are there

We point out some of the alternatives:

Birdseed: The most popular.

It is a herbaceous plant of the grass family native to the Mediterranean whose seed is used to feed birds. Many years ago, bread was made with its flour.


It is very rich in protein and favors reproduction.


It is a seed with a high protein content and a high starch value.

Very appetizing for cage birds. Used sparingly, it can be a perfect complement to your diet, just like hempseeds.


Rich in fat and with medium protein content. It must be supplied in moderation to combat obesity. It provides calcium, iron, and phosphorus and can be confused with rapeseed, a smaller seed, and somewhat lighter color.


It is a seed with a large amount of Omega 3, essential for developing bird feathers. It is also an aid in digestion.


Its seeds have many nutritional properties due to their high proportions of calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin C, zinc, and lecithin. KwikPets are recommended for the whole year and more in times of heat, breeding, and molting.


Rich in fats with a specific stimulating effect, it favors bowel movements and gives shine to the feathers. It is highly recommended for most granivorous birds.

White knob

It is a seed with nutritional and balanced value. Rich in fat (43%) and protein (22%) and low in carbohydrates (14%). Widely used by breeders.

Bird food and food supplements

First, we highlight the fruit that is very suitable, in reasonable pieces, for small birds. As a suggestion of the most convenient, we point out the apple, the grape, or the banana.

You can only prime them with these accessories. More than one or two pieces will need in larger species, such as the parrot, which will demand more significant amounts and up to three pieces of fruit or vegetables daily.

On the market, as for the rest of the pets, there are sweets in the form of bars or treats with a high nutritional value.

In summary, in general, our domestic bird will need four types of food, such as seeds, in a very prominent place for the smallest species, fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Bird food: What nutrients

We highlight the most important:

  • Carbohydrates: It is the component that gives them the most energy. It is in seeds and cereals (millet, wheat, oats…)
  • Proteins: Essential for growth and the immune system.
  • Vitamins: When looking at the composition of the food that we are going to give, we must take into account that vitamins D, A, E, K, and B2 are essential.
  • Minerals: Mainly iron, phosphorus, and calcium.
  • Fats: Always supplied in a balanced way. They result in healthy and shiny plumage.

That is why QKwikPets recommend Bird Food And Treats for your loved one.

What not to give them?

Here are some options to avoid to preserve the health and well-being of this type of pet: chocolate, which causes transit problems. Avocado, which can lead to heart problems, nor doses of salt or sugar added to those they already obtain through proper nutrition.

Supply frequency in bird food

We are facing the domestic animals that best ration their food.

It is verifiable that their tendency to be overweight is low, which does not occur in pampered dogs and cats at mealtime.

Therefore, they have few problems since it is enough to fill their feeder and administer the feeding doses.

We are talking about the smallest common species.

In the case of much larger parrots or exotic birds, the food requirement is much higher, and more attention will have to be paid to the supply of seeds, fruits, or vegetables.

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