A Guide On How To Write Manuscript Service

Charles Layman

Summary: In the academic sphere, getting your research manuscript published in a reputed international English-language journal is considered to be an indication of your success as a researcher and contributor to your field of study.


Thousands of research papers are submitted to international English-language journals for acceptance each year, but only 10% make it to peer review and eventual publication. To be part of this 10%, you must prepare your manuscript meticulously, so that you are able to make a positive impression on the journal editors and reviewers.


However, writing a research manuscript could be slightly challenging. It requires you to focus on several aspects, from language and punctuation to the presentation of data. While you may excel at your field as a researcher, writing and presenting data in an effective manner requires a different kind of skill. Moreover, ESL (English-as-a-second-language) authors often feel the added pressure of writing in English. Today, you have access to several online editing service providers who offer to help researchers with various aspects of manuscript preparation, from writing and editing a research manuscript to helping out with the journal submission process. However, even before you decide to send your manuscript to a Manuscript Writing Services provider, following some basic guidelines will help you improve your own skills and confidence as a writer.


Choose the right title


As the author of your paper, you are best qualified to choose an appropriate manuscript title. Your title should mention what your paper is about as well as indicate the significance your study. An effective title can influence the retrieval index of your manuscript and influence the citations it receives.


Write a strong abstract


The abstract might be the only section a reader will read before deciding to go through the entire manuscript. If your abstract is ineffective, your manuscript may not be read at all. The most common mistake authors make is that of spending very little time preparing the abstract or assigning this task to an editor at the last minute. Copyediting And Proofreading Services can certainly polish your abstract or help you meet word-count restrictions but not write it on your behalf. Read abstracts written by other authors in your field to get a taste of how the information flows. Referring to the abstract writing guidelines of your target journal will also prove to be helpful.


Structure your manuscript well


Poor/weak structure could reduce the impact of your manuscript and also be one of the reasons for rejection. Prepare a basic structural framework before you begin writing your manuscript. Outline the sections and the flow of ideas and information within them, listing the order in which you would like to present your points and arguments. If you are able to present your ideas in a structured manner, it will be easier for the journal reviewers and editors to understand your intent and review your manuscript for its strengths.

Charles Layman
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