Frequently Asked Questions From The Roofing And Gutter Company

Charles Layman

Summary: Frequently asked questions made by customers often indicate a common lack of knowledge regarding the questions asked. Good companies will listen to their customers, will present the best possible service, communicate excellent information concerning the products/services provided and ensure customers get the correct information about the services or products they are interested in purchasing.

These are some of the most common questions asked when it comes to guttering, roofs and gutter guard installations. Keeping customers informed and up to date with new information relating to guttering and roofing maintenance will help customers to make informed decisions, rather than troubleshoot maintenance issues such as a roof leak that is difficult to find.

Question: How often should the gutters get cleaned?

Answer: The answer to this question will be different depending on the amount of tree's within the vicinity of the property, the type and style of guttering as well as the type of tree's that are located close by. If there are gum tree's close by, then 3-6 months is a good schedule to keep when it comes to cleaning the gutters and checking the downpipes for blockages.

Question: How much does a good Roofing and Gutter Companies service cost?

Answer: Again the answer to this question can vary depending on the circumstances, how big the building is, whether it’s a multi leveled property and if there is gutter guard installed, that requires removal and re-installation after the gutters have been cleaned. Commercial and double story premises that require gutter cleaning will cost more than a standard single story home to clean the gutters and flush the downpipes.

Question: Can leaking gutters get repaired rather than replaced?

Answer: Depending on the overall condition of the guttering, sometimes they gutters can be repaired when large water leaks start to overflow tired and worn guttering. Sealants can be good to temporarily repair minor leaks in the gutters and downpipes. If the guttering or downpipes have large sections of rust and are physically damaged, then the best solution is to replace them.

Question: What You Need?

Once you have a list of contractors who can inspect and maintain your gutters, gutter guards, and roofing, homeowners' next steps should be toward setting appointments for estimates. Always be very wary of companies that charge for estimates, as this is an unprofessional practice and the sign of a potentially unreliable company. Request signed, written estimates from each company, and ask that the estimates include the specific products they would use and services they recommend. Seek warranty information as well, and then check out the products' reputations and warranty reliability online.

Hopefully these several mentioned frequently asked guttering questions can inform home owners and help to make decisions concerning roofing and guttering maintenance or Wind Damage Insurance Claim around the property. 

Charles Layman
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