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Nicu Hospital in Jaipur | NICU Care - Surya Hospital Jaipur

Surya Hospital Jaipur
Nicu Hospital in Jaipur  | NICU Care - Surya Hospital Jaipur

The Best Neonatal Hospital in Jaipur is our level lll NICU of Surya Hospitals. NICU are categorized into four levels depending on the type of care provided to newborns. This level of care refers to the services and therapies offered by a hospital. The four categories are as follows:

  1. Level I: Well newborn nursery.
  2. Level II: Special care nursery.
  3. Level III: Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
  4. Level IV: Regional neonatal intensive care unit (regional NICU).

What is Level I (Well Newborn Nursery)?

Also called well-baby nurseries, these nurseries offer basic amenities and care to the mother and child. This includes:

  1. Neonatal resuscitation.
  2. Evaluating the baby.
  3. Providing postnatal care to newborn infants.
  4. Providing care and stabilizing infants born at 35-37 weeks of gestation.
  5. Stabilizing newborn infants born less than 25 weeks of gestation.

The staff at Level I neonatal care includes paediatricians, family physicians, nurses, and some specially trained paediatric nurses.

What is Level II (Special Care Nursery)?

A level II neonatal care holds all amenities of level I and some upgraded facilities to provide excellent neonatal care. A level II neonatal care can:

  1. Provide care for newborn infants born at 32 weeks of gestation, weighing more than or equal to 1500 grams, who are moderately ill, and do not require special care urgently.
  2. Provide care for newborn infants who are feeding and growing stronger.
  3. Stabilize infants born before 32 weeks of gestation, weighing less than 1500 grams, and who need to transfer to the neonatal intensive care unit.

A level II neonatal care is performed in paediatric hospitals with neonatologists and neonatal nurses.

What is Level III (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)?

Level III facilities are present at Surya Hospital NICU in Jaipur, which provides level I and level II, car along with paediatric surgeons, and paediatric subspecialists. The level III units provide:

  1. Sustained life support to newborn infants.
  2. Comprehensive care to infants born at all gestational ages, weights, and critical illnesses.
  3. Immediate full range of paediatric services such as ophthalmology, neurosurgery, Peadatric Surgery and so on.
  4. Immediate full range of respiratory support.
  5. Immediate full range of advanced imaging and interpretation.

What is Level IV (Regional NICU)?

Level IV or regional NICU offers the highest level of care to newborn infants. The level IV units are required to have all facilities of level I, II, and III along with additional care facilities. These units provide:

  1. Full range of surgical repair of complicated congenital or other conditions.
  2. Full range of ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation).
  3. Transport and outreach education.

Surya Hospitals- Jaipur is the Best NICU in Jaipur providing comprehensive and excellent medical treatments and surgeries to newborn infants. Our excellent paediatric facilities along with trained and experienced surgeons, doctors, and nurses offer the highest level of care your child deserves. You can know more about us here.


Surya Hospital Jaipur
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