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Kumail Zaidi

You might want to decide exactly what you need before asking an architect or interior designer for a quote. Are you looking for technical building plans or merely aesthetic designs for an architectural remodeling project? There are many different plans from which you can choose to have a designer build for you. If you can't distinguish your elevations from your mirrored ceiling plans, don't worry. The most typical types of architectural and design plans are illustrated below so that you will know exactly what you need the next time you hire a professional.

  1. Layout plan

The site plan serves as both the project's overall layout and a comprehensive rendering of the architectural features that a structure might have. Everything is described, including the building's boundaries, entrances, and surroundings. Before it can be implemented and worked on, a site plan needs to get clearance from the local planning and development authority.

The pipes and electrical wires utilized for utility supply connections are also visible in these types of architectural styles. Do this to be sure they are positioned correctly. Employing an architect for your construction project has a number of advantages, not the least of which is their ability to verify that all of your building plan drawings are precise and adhere to the established standards.

  • Floor plans

A floor plan is necessary for every architectural or interior design job. You may see everything in your space as if you were looking down from above and had eliminated the ceiling by using a floor plan. Consider yourself a giant as you observe the plan from a great height.

  • Landscape design

A correctly and successfully developed landscape plan includes all necessary elements, such as trees, flowers, walkways, lanes leading to the main entrance of your property, and outdoor lighting. Your garden plan will also provide you recommendations on the furnishings you can use in your outside spaces. These outdoor furnishings are available for you to choose from if you want to give your garden a unique look. If you want to make sure that the garden landscaping for your home fulfills your requirements, you should think about employing a professional landscaper.

  • Elevation design

The exterior elevations of the structure are shown. These are quite beneficial because it's great to have a vision of the project when construction is finished when building.

Exterior elevations can be shown in 2D or 3D, and they can be as complex or simple as you choose. 2D designs usually incorporate measurements to show how exterior elements like doors and lighting relate to one another. Moreover, 2D elevations may have callouts for different brick, stone, and paint varieties so you can see just where each one should be placed.


You should now have a solid idea of the types of plans you'll need for your forthcoming architectural design project, even though our presentation of diverse plans isn't thorough.

Kumail Zaidi
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