How to Create a File Sharing App like Zapya?

Ankit Singh

Many of us use file-sharing apps to transfer different files from one mobile to another. They add the best convenience while allowing users to share big files without compromising the quality and consuming much time. 

Various entrepreneurs have already shifted their interest toward these apps because of the benefits they can bring. You can also create a file-sharing app like Zapya while consulting with the best developers. 

Therefore ensure to consult with the same. Also, keep reading this guide to unveil various factors about the topic. Now, just move in and read throughout. 

What is Zapya?

To develop an app like Zapya, you must first ensure what Zapya is and what its incredibilities are. Well, we have provided everything in this section. 

Zapya is a peer-to-peer file-sharing app that can share files of any size in any format to all devices without using the Internet. No matter if the file is in music, photos, documents, and video format, you can share it without putting any more external effort. 

Some exciting features of this application are: 

  • Seamless use
  • Built-in media player.
  • Sharing up to 5 devices
  • Compatible with different platforms like Android, Windows XP/8/10/7/8.1/10, Android, and iOS. 
  • QR codes for content transferring
  • Shake and connect
  • Hotspot, LAN, or WAN are not necessary. 
  • 120 pictures in a minute 
  • Multipeer connectivity

Features to Create a Robust File-Sharing App

Now, let’s read ahead and learn about the features to create a dynamic app like Zapya. 

1. Security

While keeping security, you can share multiple files without worrying about any data loss. Also, it has a shield against all kinds of malware and threatful files. 

2. Simplistic UI and UX

We don’t need to figure out how to use the application because the working procedure it has, can make everyone learn its simplistic motive. That’s the other way around why everyone prefers using such kind of application. While building your own app, ensure that it also has seamless UI and UX. 

3. Shake and Connect

Just shake and you are connected with the device installed in the file-sharing app or to whom you want to share your file. If this will not fascinate users then what is? 

4. Speed

Another leading benefit that you can provide your users while building the application of the same domain is speed. Yes, a highly dynamic speed that will complete the transfer procedure in a blink. This will be a great benefit for all users who do not want to waste their precious time. 

5. Location Access

Granting location access lets the user connect with another user located nearby. While looking at the available people having the application, they can pick the one who will pick the file, and thus the transfer gets completed. 

6. Customization 

Customization adds a feather to the cap. Even if your app is full-fledged, it may not come under the good one if it does not have customization options. Therefore, ensure that your application should have this. 

All these incredible features will fluctuate the cost to develop an on-demand app like Zapya. Ensure that you have the best guidance that will let you know about other factors determining the cost. 

Why Should You Invest in a File Sharing App like Zapya?

Now, if you are wondering why you should invest in a file-sharing app like Zapya, this section will blow your mind. So, just move into and learn the advantages here: 

  • Security

Security for businesses is really important. They share a huge load of data daily. Therefore, picking a platform that defines protection against breaches is important. 

  • Data Volume

Data volume is getting higher with the approaching digitization. While the conventional way of data sharing cannot share a huge data volume with a USB port connection, the new approach of using apps can do this. 

  • Communication 

Not only users but businesses also prefer using the apps because of the effective communication they receive while bringing such tools into use. 

To Conclude!

Building a file-sharing app like Zapya can help you harvest multiple revenues for your business because of its growing use among common people and the cooperative world. With digitization at its peak, you can truly make the most of this kind of solution. 

The guide has covered everything that you must be aware of. However, if you want us to cover more on the same, ensure to comment below. We will make sure to provide you with the answers to all your doubts. Also, wish you all the very best in your journey toward digitization.

Ankit Singh
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