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Tips to market and sell your private label apparel

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Tips to market and sell your private label apparel

If you are making private label t-shirts and other apparel for commercial purposes, you should know how to market your merchandise. Private labeling involves replacing a manufacturer’s tag with a clothing brand or a company logo tag. This is a trend for a reason. This trend boosts the perceived value of the merchandise and gives it an extra retail touch. Private labelling is growing in popularity.

In addition to providing more brand exposure, it has the benefit of allowing for control of the product margin. Since the name of the manufacturer is not on the apparel, it is difficult to price shop. Here are some things you need to consider when creating private label merchandise for clients.

Always use the right apparel

You should begin with high-quality apparel that has a retail feel and look. A lot of suppliers offer shirts that have neck tags that can be torn away to make it easy to customize the merchandise with a heat transfer label or screen printed label. Another important thing you should remember is that not all products can be privately labelled. Original manufacturers must allow rebranding of their merchandise.

Decorate the shirts

It is a big red flag to resale someone’s blank clothing as your own products. This means that if you want to come out as an authentic business then you should decorate the shirts and customize them to meet your business needs. Custom clothing manufacturers can even customize the merchandise to meet your needs.

Include relevant information on new tags

There are some requirements you need to adhere to when it comes to creating new tags for your merchandise. First, you should include what the shirt is made of, where the t-shirt was made and the company identification.

The name of the company can be the clothing line brand and not the shirt manufacturer. However, it should be listed as the legal name of your business. It is also important to retain things such as text, t-shirt size and symbols relaying laundering instructions to your customers. This is important to enable your customers to know how to care for the garment.

Consider how to re-label your garment

Heat transfer, screen printing or pad printing are a few great methods for your neck labels. They save the wearer from potential irritation of the skin. Woven brands are another great option. External woven brands –either on the sleeve of the t-shirt or the hem – are a subtle but luxurious way to add extra pop to clothing lines. There are a lot of labeling methods you can use to customize your merchandise.

Offer finishing services

When you want to make private label t-shirts, it is important to offer finishing services. More ways you can elevate your private label merchandise include bagging the garments, folding or, adding a hang-tag. Hangtags provide a great way to tell the story of your brand or include a double-sided sticker with coupons incentivizing your customers to visit your store. There are more finishing services you can exploit.

Thunder Wear
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