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Galileo Global Distribution System

Galileo Global Distribution System

Galileo Global Distribution System – Travelopro

Galileo is one of the world’s best computer software links between ticket sales offices and the Airline’s central booking system and is used by travel companies all over the world. Effective training in Galileo system is a must for anyone wishing to join the travel industry.

Galileo GDS system is one of the best global travel domain distribution systems. Travelopro provides best computer reservation software, top line travel system and web services XMLs for the travel industry worldwide Galileo is among the world's largest travel content providers, serving travel companies around the world as a technology leader. B2B and B2C travel software with Galileo Distribution System are develop across the world.

What is Global Distribution System?

GDS is a worldwide "Global Distribution System" computerized reservation network used as a single point of connection for accommodating airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel related items by travel representatives, online reservation sites, and large corporations.

The global companies which give global distribution systems are Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and World span. They are owned and operated as join ventures by major airlines, car rental companies, and hotel groups also called automated reservation system (ARS) or computerized reservation system (CRS).

How Galileo GDS (Global Distribution System) Works?

The Galileo GDS travel software interconnects travel representatives with airline, hotel, car rental, rail and other service providers via a single platform. The software is connected to the database of these agencies and allows access to the representatives to let them access information about seat, rates, availability and discounts. The Galileo travel software integrates all these individuals at one place and allows its access from a single dashboard.

Why Galileo GDS?

The travel agents / tour operators can grasp maximum number of buyers or travel partners and travel distributors.

·        Increase in the revenue.

·        Increase in efficiency.

·        Lower operating cost.

·        Increase in productivity.

·        Allows to capture new marketing opportunity.

·        Real time access to inventory

How does the Galileo XML API Integration help Travel Management Companies?

·        Galileo Travel Software is the apt CRS (Computer Reservation System) owned by us, that fulfils all your needs related to hotels, airlines, car rentals, etc.

·        Our company is the leading provider of the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and combines Galileo GDS API to travel booking websites.

·        We are specialists in Galileo API Integration, Galileo Web Services Development, and many other services, helping your travel company book thousands of airlines and hotel rooms online.

With Galileo GDS (Web Services Integration), We Also Offer:

·        Online Travel Agent Software (including B2B, B2C, B2B2C, Corporate module)

·        Single or Multiple PCC interface

·        Flight Reservation System

·        Hotel Booking System

·        Car Reservation System

·        Cruise Reservation System

·        Search for round way flights

·        Search for flights by city or airport

·        Filter flight search results by price, air carrier, flight duration, number of changes

How to Connect Your Hotel to Galileo GDS?

The most common process for combining a hotel to the Galileo GDS is to go through a GDS provider, who will then connect the hotel to all major global distribution systems at the same time. Numerous companies offer this.

Most GDS providers have connection with property management systems, or hotel channel managers. As a result, hotels have the potential to fully automate GDS system usage, and also to manage their listings – including their hotel description, list of facilities and photos – all from a single location.

Galileo GDS forms part of Travelport, which is honoured as one of the three major global distribution systems. These systems are used to connect hotels with travel representatives, who can use access to real-time inventories to sell hotel rooms to their customers. This can increase the reach a hotel has, resulting in a greater number of bookings.

What Are the Benefits of Galileo GDS?

·        Agents to book flights, sell seats, book car hire and hotel accommodation.

·        Shows real-time availability of seats, rooms, and prices.

·        A user-friendly and updated Computer reservation system

·        Has integrated payment gateways with secure payment options.

·        Promotes low fare shopping with branded fares

·        Low fare shopping on direct flights

·        Search flight with city or airport name

·        Galileo enables search for round way flights

·        Filter search results for flight arrival and departure time.

·        Galileo comes with the benefit of viewing flight fares

Galileo GDS Integration Services we offer

·        Flight Reservation System

·        Hotel Booking System

·        Car Reservation System

·        Cruise Booking System

·        Holiday Packaging System

·        B2B Online Booking Engine

·        B2C Online Booking System

·        Corporate Booking Module

·        Single or Multiple interface

Integration of Galileo GDS API with a Travel Website

Galileo being the most sought-after GDS system is responsible for the global distribution services in the travel industry with advanced computer reservation software and other web services. Galileo GDS System hosts the leading integrated system for the customers by providing a wide variety of inventory, related to flights, hotels and vacations. Travelport in combination with Galileo provides bookings of airlines, hotels, and car rentals with options of B2B travel portal and B2C travel portal.

The Galileo GDS travel software acts as a bridge between the travel representatives and the service providers in a single platform. It provides the travel representatives with necessary information about seats, availability and fares.

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