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Some Insurance You Have To Know

Top Financial Inc.

Top Financial Insurance has a team of experienced financial advisors who keep up with the latest market trends and will suggest you best investment solution suiting your financial goals.

Our advisors help you make strong financial strategies leading to better returns. Top Financial is a reputed and trusted broker across Canada. We are providing insurance and investment solutions for years now.

Disability insurance: Disability Insurance provides you with monthly compensation that replaces your monthly income in case you suffer any type of physical disability and have to take a long leave from work or leave your job permanently.

Top Financial is working in the insurance sector for decades and has tie-up with Canada’s renowned insurance provider. We help you crack the best insurance deal.

Critical illness insurance: Fighting a critical illness is very draining mentally, physically and financially. Having financial support during that time can be very helpful.

Critical Illness Insurance gives you a lump sum amount in case you are diagnosed with a life-threatening critical illness.

We help you get the best coverage depending upon your medical history and at the best possible rates. Critical Illness insurance provides coverage against expensive treatments and medication that you need in case of life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart stroke etc.

Top Financial has insurance experts who will help you get the best possible coverage depending upon your medical and family history within your budget.

Travel insurance: The most common misconception is Travel Insurance is only for medical coverage. It is not true.

Travel Insurance covers you in case of change in trip plans or trip cancellation, baggage loss or theft, pre-existing medical condition and other risks while you are travelling.

Coverage depends upon the type of plan you are purchasing. Top Financial offers customized travel insurance plans depending on your trip requirements.

Term life insurance: Term life insurance provides you coverage for a specific time. The coverage you choose will depend upon your future financial needs.

You can choose from a 5-year term to a 50-year term. We can help you decide the best option for you as per your circumstances. Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a limited time and at an affordable cost. If you are looking for a short-term investment, term insurance is for you.

Top Financial will help you get the best plan at the best premium based on your short-term goals.

Registered education savings plan (RESP): CESG grant is the contribution that the provincial or territorial government makes to the RESP account.

Families with lower income get an additional 20% of the CESG grant i.e. instead of $500 you will receive $600.

Financial advisors at Top Financial will discuss all the details of the RESP account in detail. RESP is a registered saving account opened to save specifically for your child’s future education. Canadian government contribute a certain amount maximum of up to $7500 depending upon the contribution you make.

Top Financial Inc.
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