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Olivia Dease

Everyone starts from the bottom and they build their own way to the top, It’s on you how you are going to do and take it. Building a career is also an art. It is very much possible to build a career in painting, like paint by numbers, only if you are serious, passionate, and hardworking. Paint by numbers also helps you to become a professional artist. There will be times when people will say demotivating things to you, such as: "Paint by numbers is just copying. Let us tell you that it’s not! Before finalising whether you should go ahead with paint by numbers to build your career, you should cross check these four most important factors mentioned below. 

1. Interests, principles, and personality traits

Make sure that painting by numbers interests you. 

It is very important that you find your work interesting. Because it works like a chain. If you like your work, then only you will feel motivated and you will be able to do it, give it time, try something new and work harder.

Does "paint by numbers" define your values? 

Most of us, at some point stop caring about if our work defines our personality, interests and principles. But, the question is. Should we? Ofcourse, not. Because when we look back, we will not remember what we earned, but what we did.

2. Characteristics and abilities

Are you ready to dedicate yourself and your time to painting by numbers

The job requires a lot of time. You will have to be on your toes in the initial few months. Once you grab the eyes of your target audience and when you gain their trust, then you can relax and just focus on quality and their experience.

Will you be able to design variations for paint by numbers

Because it's a creative industry you have to keep up with the fresh ideas and painting concepts as well. You will have to keep a lot of options for our customers because everyone’s preference is different.

3. Earnings and Lifestyle

Are you satisfied with the bare minimum? 

Know that, being a fresher you won’t find as many as customers you thought of. But remember, this is only for beginning as soon as you realise what you work is, how you have to do, from where you should begin. That’s it, then there is no coming back.

Does painting by numbers affect your lifestyle in a positive or negative way? 

Art always influences your lifestyle in a positive way. A good lifestyle, the better health and vice versa. The work you do directly impacts your personal life as well. So, you need to make sure that you choose the best for you and yours’. 

4. Opponents and availability

Are you open to facing the backlash in the beginning? 

In whichever market you enter, you will have to face your competitors. They will push you back, they will try to spoil your brand name. You have to stay strong and prove them wrong. Because that’s how the market works.

Have you analysed your competitors? 

Before entering the market, make a list of your competitors and how they work. What’s the best in their collection and what people like and what they don’t appreciate. Basically, make a list of do’s and don'ts. 


All of these need to be answered not by us, but by yourselves. You will realise a lot of things. Deciding a career is not enough. It takes a lot of time, patience, and regular hard work. Very few breaks are allowed in order to gain success and a good name and fame. Don’t allow yourself to get demotivated by negative comments. No work is small or big.

Make your brand by launching nothing but masterpiece paint by numbers artworks. Remember that good things never come easily, it takes time and hard work. 

How does it help?

You learn to manage your time.

You step out of your comfort zone.

Get exposure

Introduced to a new world of art

Its surprising and exciting


By the end of it, you will be a professional artist. There are a few things that you should keep in mind to stay updated and positive. Firstly, start noticing the difference between spreading negativity and sharing constructive criticism. Be open to constructive criticism. And secondly, acknowledge and take suggestions from your ideal and target audience.

Just like us, we have started the art of paint by numbers. You can also start something of your own. It truly feels special, and you should treat it like your first born. I wish you the best of luck and success in finding the courage to pursue a career in painting by numbers. 

Olivia Dease
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