Here's how getting Professional Editing Services will help your book succeed

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No matter how well a piece is written, it always needs a second glance before it is ready to be presented to a larger audience. And while a beta reader could suffice for the more experienced authors, those new to the game might need a little more help.

This is where professional editing services come in.

Hiring an expert in your genre who can help you navigate the intricacies of creating an award-winning manuscript is imperative to your journey as an author. But what does an editor actually do for you? Let’s find out…

What are book editing services?

Most people confuse book editing with proofreading. Proofreading focuses on eliminating grammatical errors, punctuation, and formatting.

So, what does book editing mean?

Well, it is a process that goes one step beyond proofreading when it comes to removing errors from a content piece. It makes sure that each sentence has a correct approach. Editing ensures that the sentences are readable to the audience. This could include fixing plot inconsistencies, re-ordering the information, improving syntax for better readability, and checking for grammar and punctuation errors.

The process of book editing

Book editing is divided into 3 main stages: structural editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

Editing is one of the most essential steps to ensure the quality of your book and its success.

 1. Structural editing

Structural editing is done after a narrative is compiled. It is an essential first step in the process of editing a book.

Most editors overlook this stage of editing. However, it is as important as other stages to ensure the success of your book.

In this, an editor looks at the 'big picture.’ It identifies the characters, the plot, the theme of the narrative, and the writing style.

Structural editing makes sure that the above-mentioned characteristics go well together.

 2. Copy editing

It refers to the stage of editing where the draft of the book is analyzed and modified to enhance its quality.

A copy editor makes sure that there aren't any inconsistencies in the narrative or any repetition. This allows being certain that the story is complete and connected.

 3. Proofreading

As mentioned earlier, proofreading focuses on eliminating grammatical errors, punctuation, and formatting. It is a part of the process of editing—not the whole of editing itself.

Proofreaders carefully examine the narrative to eliminate any errors that may occur one last time before the book is published.

 Does your book need editing?

Anyone willing to write and publish their book needs editing.

Hiring an editor to help you with your book is the best decision. They overlook all the content of your book and provide guidance.

Before hiring a book editor, make sure that:

•   You have the budget for editing. Yes, editing can be pricey, but it's worth it.

•   Can you self-edit your book?

•   The feedback—how many people have read your draft, and what are their suggestions?

Remember that the process of editing needs patience.

 FAQs about professional editing—what to expect from an editing agency

1. Who edits the documents?

The book is edited by professionals and the best editors available. Authors can consult their editors regarding their work. Moreover, authors can choose their editors on their own—depending on the availability of editors and the type of content.

2. Is the information of the author secured?

Yes, indeed, it is. Professional editing service companies ensure the safety of their clients. They are not allowed to disclose any information regarding the client and their content.

 3. What guarantees do the editing services provide?

Good editing service companies provide their very best work. They make sure that the client is satisfied with their product. They do not charge any extra cost to finalize the product, as their sole purpose is to edit the content provided.

4. How much does it cost to edit a document?

Paying an editor is based on several different factors, such as the word limit, time, type of editor, and so on. Though, the general price is $1000 - $3000 per book. The average price to edit a book can be around $2500. Developmental editing is about $5000 - $10,000.

5. Is it necessary to list the editor?

While many authors usually give their first editors credit in their writings, it isn't necessary to list down the editor's name. It is always optional and up to the convenience of the author.

6. How much time does it take to edit a document?

An exact time cannot be estimated as the time varies depending on different factors. Though, if requested, editors can quickly analyze the document.

Rush editing services are also offered by many professional editing companies.

Word Count Time

30,000 5 to 7 days

60,000 2 to 3 weeks

90,000 – 100,000 Up to 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months)

150,000+ 1 to 2 months



7. Do I need in-depth editing?

In-depth editing, also called line editing, is a detailed version of general editing provided by professional editing companies. Line editing does a more thorough evaluation of the document than basic editing.

Line editing is important for refining the manuscript.

8. Do I need a content edit?

Content editing smooths out the use of language. It evaluates the overall format, style, and content of the document. It is generally used to enhance the coherence of the content. In short, a content editor keeps the document relevant according to the genre.

Content editing is ideal to consider before publishing your content.

9. Can I meet with the editor?

Yes, you can. Professional editing services companies can arrange in-person or online meetings with editors. A meeting can help you discuss the important aspects of your book with the editor and get professional assistance.



Using a professional book editing service will correct all types of errors.

A professional editor proofreads and edits the content rather quickly and easily. This will help save time and get critical feedback on your book.

The Ghostwriting Services
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