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4 Reasons Why People Don’t Seek Professional Help for Addiction

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4 Reasons Why People Don’t Seek Professional Help for Addiction

Regrettably, most Americans in need of treatment for addiction never get it. Numerous reasons are causing this issue. Based on the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, most addicts believe they don’t need treatment.

Out of 17.7 Million adults that needed assistance, 16.9 million bluntly rejected treatment. Four hundred fifty-five thousand of the remaining people acknowledged they needed help but didn’t try to get it. Here are reasons why these individuals never got treatment.


They didn’t want to stop using illicit substances

Although these addicts know they need assistance, they cannot envision a life without alcohol and drugs. So, they cannot go to an Addiction Recovery Center because they intend to continue using the drug for its temporary benefits.

This proven fact is strange for most people who’ve never battled addiction. However, addicts do face conflicts with their substance abuse. Despite knowing the harm of their bad habits, they still prefer the solace they get from using illicit substances.

They Cannot Afford Treatment

In the past, addicts didn’t get treatment because it was very expensive. However, this treatment is affordable due to the increasing rate of mental health illnesses and addiction. Insurance providers offer a plan for addiction treatment.

They are now paying a certain percentage of the treatment, making it affordable. Since most addiction victims, due to low productivity, might lack funds for this program, their loved ones are advised to support them financially to get help.

They don’t know the best place to get treatment

America has over 14,000 addiction treatment centers, distinct in their treatment methods and quality. It isn’t astonishing that addicts can get confused when searching for a suitable place for treatment. They cannot know the distinct qualities of Top Alcohol Rehab Centers Florida.

If you are in doubt about your choices, see the help of your primary doctor. The doctor will refer you to a good addiction treatment center. He can narrow your choices to a facility that accepts your insurance, lowering the cost of treatment.



They’re afraid of people’s opinions

The stigma associated with addiction was high in the past. However, the effort of many counselors has helped in reducing this rate. A 2017 poll revealed that less than five Americans could freely associate with an individual suffering from substance abuse.

Based on these findings, it shouldn’t be surprising that most addicts don’t seek treatment. They will instead remain quiet about their addiction in fear of their neighbour’s or loved one’s thoughts and perceptions.

Getting treatment is the right thing to do for everyone suffering from substance addiction. However, getting help isn’t as easy as most people think. The best way to assist your loved ones suffering from addiction is by giving them love and support. That will motivate them to go for treatment and focus on recovery.

Delray Beach Intensive Outpatient
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