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James Jayce

How much do you LOVE it when you sit at the feet of a guru and he tells you that the secret to a happy life is something you totally don't do well? Like care more, or love more, or let go, or... I know, wish for world peace?

I used to absolutely hate that. You?

Enter Willingness...

Luckily, one of my spiritual teachers along the way taught me about the magic of willingness. He used to say to me, "You don't have to let go right now. You just have to be WILLING to let go. Can you be willing?"

Maybe I could be willing. I wasn't sure.

His response? "OK, if you're not sure you can be willing, how about being willing to be willing?"

Now any idiot can do that. I was willing to be willing to let go. And guess what? The Universe took care of the rest. Circumstances and situations changed, over time, without my even realizing it. I woke up one day and realized that something in me had "let go" of the situation with which I had been struggling.

Change happened while I wasn't looking... all because I had been willing to be willing to let go.

Why Willingness is Magic

So what makes willingness such powerful? After all, just being willing to be willing doesn't sound like a lot of effort. In fact, it's kind of like slacking off. You don't have to care or love or let go or want world peace. You just have to be willing. Is that slacking or what?

Yup, that IS slacking, and therein lies the magic of un curso de milagros pdf

. When you focus on willingness, you take your attention away from whatever situation is bugging you and put all your energy into willingness. This is exactly the "crack in the doorway" the Universe is waiting on.

Once you have managed to drag your attention away from the situation, the Universe can get to work. It can do what it does best: magic, miracles, that kind of stuff. Why? Because you aren't wasting time worrying, fretting, and basically focusing on what's not working. So then, by Law of Attraction, you make room for the Universe to bring you what you DO want.

Silly But True... That's Magic for You!

Silly, I know, but then again, most of magic is very, very simple when you get right to it. Magic is nothing more and nothing less then following the operating laws of the Universe. When you do that, you get magic. When you don't, you get ordinary life.

So if you want a really, really simplistic magic ritual, check out the magic of willingness. Or even the magic of being willing to be willing. It really helps when you've got something you just can't let go of, no matter how hard you try. Just be willing to be willing... be willing in your heart... and the magic happens.

James Jayce
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