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B Tech Mechanical Engineering Subjects – 1st Semester to 8th Semester

Shiv Nadar University
B Tech Mechanical Engineering Subjects – 1st Semester to 8th Semester

Mechanical engineering study deals with anything that moves, from the littlest small-scale molecule to the biggest rocket. It is known as one of the most vital subdivisions of the engineering field because without it, several technologies we use daily would not be available.

Mechanical engineering is a royal engineering branch that deals with studying machines and their mechanics. It also plays an essential role in manufacturing various technologies, from aeroplanes to cars to refrigerators. Mechanical engineering enables people to do many day-to-day activities easily, as it brings helpful technologies to comfort our modern society.

According to research, the average salary of a mechanical engineer is about $85,880 per annum. The report also claims that 300,000 plus individuals are working in this field. This undoubtedly shows that the field is rising steadfastly, and job prospects for mechanical engineers are estimated to surge by the upcoming decade.

Mechanical engineers are required to serve various job opportunities, including installing, testing, designing, manufacturing, maintaining and operating. The list of job roles for a B Tech Mechanical Engineering student never ends. The skills students learn during the course help them get their dream job and company.

Every organisation's need for Mechanical Engineers varies from 40% to 80%.

Mechanical engineering offers students the opportunity to study different subjects. The mechanical engineering subjects provide them with a broad range of skills, including teamwork, problem-solving, advanced technical, decision-making and academic writing skills that will teach students to handle a variety of situations and find practical or theoretical solutions to problems in any field.

BTech Mechanical Engineering Subjects

Listed below are full explanations of BTech mechanical engineering subjects for students to understand the course structure properly:

BTech Mechanical Engineering Semester 1 Subjects – Students will learn about the importance of the periodic table of the elements, concepts of chemical bonding and its role in organising chemical information, and basic concepts of spectroscopy.

·         Chemistry

·         Environmental Science

·         Communication Skills

·         Physics - 1

·         Engineering drawing

·         Introduction to Computing

·         Maths – 1

BTech Mechanical Engineering Semester 2 Subjects – The semester helps students understand and solve different wave equations.

·         Basic Electrical and Electronics

·         Chemistry – II

·         Chemistry Laboratory

·         Physics – II

·         English

·         Workshop/ Physics Laboratory

·         Maths - II

BTech Mechanical Engineering Semester 3 Subjects - Students will understand atomic bonds and crystal structures.

·         Applied Electrical Engineering      

·         Special Functions and Statistics     

·         Production Technology - I  

·         Strength of Materials

·         Engineering Thermodynamics       

·         Machine Drawing  

·         Strength of Material Lab   

BTech Mechanical Engineering Semester 4 Subjects – Students will study 1st law for reacting systems, understand the properties of dry and wet air, the heating value of fuels and the principles of psychometrics.

·         Fluid Mechanics

·         Thermal Engineering

·         Mechanics of Machines

·         Materials Science and Technology

·         Measurements and Instrumentation

·         Manufacturing Technology

·         Manufacturing Laboratory

BTech Mechanical Engineering Semester 5 Subjects – The given below list cover the semester 5th mechanical engineering subjects-

·         Heat Transfer 

·         Mechatronics 

·         Analysis and Design of Machine    

·         Manufacturing Technology

·         Electrical Machines

·         Numerical Methods

·         Dynamics of Machine Elements

BTech Mechanical Engineering Semester 6 Subjects – The course covers all the design functions in mechanical engineering, machine design applications and the steps involved in designing.

·         Machine Design

·         Turbomachines

·         Computer-Aided Design and Drafting

·         Control Systems

·         Design of Mechanical Devices

·         Introduction to Bioscience and Technology

BTech Mechanical Engineering Subjects Semester 7 – This semester covers the rules of thermodynamics and defines how energy evolves in a system based on its environment.

·         Applied Thermodynamics  

·         Power Plant Engineering   

·         Engineering Economy and Financial Management  

·         Elective - II 

·         Elective - III

BTech Mechanical Engineering Semester 8

·         Project Work

Thus, a B Tech Mechanical engineering degree will help you become a specialist in your core stream, gain knowledge about several other subjects, and deal with mechanical systems creation and advancement.

Shiv Nadar University
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