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Is It Safe To Have Dental Treatments During Pregnancy?


Best Dental treatment in Ahmedabad are an important part of maintaining optimal oral health. However, it is necessary to understand that there are certain restrictions when it comes to receiving dental care during pregnancy. In this article, we will discuss some common dental treatments that are safe for pregnant women to receive and others that should be avoided at all costs.


Many dental procedures require anaesthesia because it is necessary to numb the tissues to lessen the pain while the procedure is being done. It may surprise you to learn that using anaesthetic while pregnant is safe.

Dentists prefer appropriate anaesthesia when treating a pregnant woman and use the proper dosages.

However, because the substance's chemicals constrict blood vessels, dentists avoid using anaesthetics containing selepressin on pregnant patients.

Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are safe during pregnancy. A dental cleaning usually involves the dentist or hygienist removing plaque and tartar from your teeth using a special tool called a dental scaler. This helps to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. 

You should see a dentist for a cleaning before you get pregnant, but if you can’t make it in before then, don’t worry—getting one while pregnant is fine! It's also important to keep up with regular checkups after the birth of your baby to ensure that all is well with your teeth and gums.

Tooth extractions

If a tooth is beyond saving, dentists advise extraction. When root canal therapy cannot save a severely decaying tooth, dental extraction is the only choice.

In the second trimester, dentists perform extractions on pregnant patients. This is so that the foetus can develop normally without being exposed to x-ray radiation by dentists. Furthermore, in the third trimester and beyond, lying still for a prolonged period of time while having a tooth extracted is quite uncomfortable.

Therefore, dentists advise the second trimester as the ideal time for surgically extracting a tooth because the expectant mother won't feel uncomfortable during the procedure.

dental treatment

Teeth Straightening Treatments

While receiving dental care during the menstrual cycle is safe, dentists advise waiting until after delivery to receive braces.

It's because hormonal changes during pregnancy cause changes to the size of the face and mouth. It is difficult to leave an impression for such frequent changes in mouth architecture that could raise the overall cost.

In the interim, Braces specialist in Ahmedabad suggest that wires of the braces could harm face tissues and gums during the first stage of orthodontic treatment. These pains persist until the tissues are used to the new material. More irritation will result from the mouth's regular changes in size throughout pregnancy.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings can be placed safely during pregnancy, and the second trimester is the ideal time to do so to reduce the chance of nausea.

Make sure you acquire dental fillings devoid of amalgam if you need them to fix a decayed tooth. This is because, in contrast to composite, ceramic, and glass ionomer fillings, dental amalgams used in silver fillings do not pose any risks to a baby's development.


It’s important to note that all of the dental treatment in Ahmedabad listed above are safe during pregnancy. You should always consult with your doctor before receiving any dental treatment, but if you have a cavity or other condition that needs attention, don’t let it go untreated just because you’re pregnant!

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