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Advantages of taking professional driving lessons in New Westminster BC

Sean Walker
Advantages of taking professional driving lessons in New Westminster BC

We all know how driving makes us feel free and unbound. It allows you to go anywhere, anytime, without relying on anyone. And the best part is, you don't have to wait in line for train tickets anymore. No doubt, this feeling is liberating. 

However, most people forget the importance of safe driving and focus on getting their license by hook or by crook. This causes negligence and unsafe driving habits among new drivers. Such dangerous behavior leads to an increase in the number of accidents and penalties. One of the ways to prevent this is by taking an in-depth Driving Lesson In New Westminster, BC. This approach is beneficial in many aspects and also yields personalized results.  

Types of driving lessons in BC :

In British Columbia, driving licenses are divided into categories depending on the rules and specifications set by the ICBC. These are class 4, 5, and 7 driving licenses. The types differ with the age requirements, operating vehicles allowed, and the level of skills. 

Class 7 is the learner's license in BC that people of 15 years or above can apply for. Once you are 18 and fulfill all other requirements, you can apply for a class 5 license. This basic full license permit allows you to operate most vehicles anywhere in the state. You can further upgrade this license to a class 4 category which is a commercial driving permit. Its further two divisions (restricted and unrestricted) have specific passenger carrying requirements. 

Benefits of taking professional driving lessons :

Learning to drive from your friends or family is nothing like learning it from a teacher or an expert. It indeed has some major benefits.

1. Safety above all :

We consider doing everything in life after ensuring it's safe. This stays true when you decide to start driving. Operating on a road full of high-speed cars, pedestrians, and street poles requires careful handling. It comes with confidence and, of course, the right skills. 

A premium driving school in Westminster prioritizes the safety of its students and all other citizens. That's why they never compromise on teaching safe driving habits. Studies also prove that professionally taught drivers are involved in fewer road incidents and get fewer penalties.  

2. Teaches You Laws:

No matter where you go in the world, you will see different driving rules and regulations. This remains true in different states of Canada. As you reside in British Columbia, you will come across different road rules, and violating them can cause serious fines. 

To ensure you keep away from penalties and road hauls, driving lessons are essential. The instructors help you memorize all the crucial transportation laws and rules depending on your license category. Also, they are always aware of the latest laws and ensure to keep you updated.  

3. Exceptional practice opportunity :

No matter how many videos you watch or how many books you read, nothing can help you learn a skill better than practicing it. However, practicing at home may be unsafe as mishaps are evident. Instead, taking Driving Lessons In New Westminster, BC is an excellent opportunity to practice a skill as soon as you learn it. They extend one-on-one supervised practice sessions to help you learn through feedback. 

4. Boosts self-esteem :

The most confident drivers are the most successful ones. High morale and self-esteem matter as much as skills in driving. Anyone who gets easily afraid of road haul or heavy traffic is more likely to cause accidents. You may have seen people with low confidence having difficulty making decisions. When this habit comes to driving, it can be fatal as driving demands immediate interventions in a hazardous situation.  

A professional driving instructor also works on your mental skills. He boosts your confidence with words of encouragement. Also, he will prepare you for complex scenarios so you don't lose hope in any such situation. 

5. Defensive Habits :

Safe and defensive tactics are sometimes used interchangeably. However, there's a little difference between the two. Defensive driving skills are all about identifying a hazardous situation beforehand to adopt prevention strategies. You can only learn this skill properly in a driving school. Defensive drivers save many lives through their mindful driving.  

Where can I get the best driving lessons? 

As you know, many institutes are working in British Columbia that claim to be the best. Not all of them are worth enrolling in. if you want to get the above benefits to their maximum capacity, choose a reliable school for Driving Lessons In New Westminster, BC. It can be Bijan Driving School LTD or any other with a reasonable success rate. Anyhow, keep in mind to select the suitable course and package depending on your license category, needs, and availability. 

Sean Walker
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