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6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom an Eco-Friendly Space | Zupyak

Darah Albesa
6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom an Eco-Friendly Space | Zupyak

Simple and Effective Ways to Make Your Bathroom Eco-friendlier

Changing your lifestyle is never easy, but you don't have to take drastic measures to make your bathroom environmentally friendly. You can take it step-by-step and switch out single-use items gradually. From using eco-friendly shower products to saving water, here's how to create a more sustainable bathroom space. 


1. Buy eco-friendly toilet paper

One way to make your bathroom eco-friendlier is by swapping out the standard toilet paper. Avoid paper that contributes to harmful waste with eco-friendly toilet paper. You can find various eco-friendly alternatives to your run-of-the-mill toilet paper online. 


2. Conserve water by reducing shower time

Skip the long showers and be wary of your water consumption by reducing your shower time. A 10-minute-long shower can consume up to 80 gallons of water. 


You can significantly conserve water by reducing your shower time to at least five minutes. If you're willing to upgrade your bathroom fixtures, choose a low-flow shower head for less water pressure and more water conservation. 


3. Use eco-friendly shower products 

Often, shower products come in single-use plastic bottles that are difficult to recycle. If you have time on your hands, instead of purchasing plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner, you can make your own at home. 


If you're too busy, you can also buy shampoo and conditioner bars with sustainable packaging. Before buying a shampoo bar, ensure that the ingredients are suitable for daily use. Only use products free of harsh chemicals that can harm your scalp and hair. 


4. Buy sustainable grooming products

Look around your vanity cabinet. You'll probably find plenty of plastic products. Fortunately, many plastic-free alternatives to sustainable bath products and personal care items are emerging. Switch your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush. Consider buying cotton buds without plastic. You can also use sustainable bathroom products like hand soap with little to no plastic packaging. 


Just because you find plastic products in your bathroom doesn't mean you have to throw everything in the bin immediately. Consume all your bath items before making the switch to eco-friendly shower products. 


5. Refill Your Existing Products 

Many brands offer smaller refills of their products. If you want to stay loyal to your shampoo or cleaners, an option to reduce plastic waste is buying refills of your favourite household and bath items. Since refills often come in plastic, check the packaging's label to see if it has recyclable plastic materials. Carelessly throwing plastic bottles without considering if they're reusable is a wasteful habit. 


6. Forgo using PVC shower curtains 

PVC shower curtains do more harm than good for you and your bathroom. These shower curtains are often not recyclable and can release harmful toxins detrimental to your health. Switch your shower curtains for a PVC-free or hemp shower curtain. Ensure your bathroom is well-ventilated before selecting your new shower curtain. To make your bathroom safer and follow your desired ambiance you can check Bathroom Packages in the highlighted store.


Making a conscious effort to help the environment starts at home. You must be aware of your water usage in the bathroom and whether you're using eco-friendly products. By switching single-use plastic shampoo bottles to more sustainable bath products, you're a few steps closer to upgrading your bathroom to an eco-friendly space. 

Darah Albesa
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