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Top Secret: Inside the Thriving World of Private Detectives in India

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Top Secret: Inside the Thriving World of Private Detectives in India

Many ordinary people use the services of private detectives for premarital screening, divorce cases, and loyalty monitoring. In a pre-matrimonial investigation, 3 to 4 investigators work in shifts to conduct preliminary examinations. Facts are often difficult to reconcile. As such, a third party provides the information collected and may only be 70% true. To protect the confidentiality, the appointed detective does not know that other people have received the same case.

Private detective work protocols are strict.

Although private detective work is not a licensed role in India, there are no obstacles to opening a detective agency or hiring a private investigator. Bills have been drafted in the Parliament to provide licenses and regulate occupations. However, it has not yet been passed due to the change of government and the precedence of other laws.

Since the government does not issue regulations for the operation of private detective offices, such associations develop their regulations. All members adhere to them religiously. In-house training is mandatory for all researchers and should renew every six months.

Like other professionals, detectives include high ethics and code of conduct values. Aside from the fact that directors and managers are the faces of the company, employees work undercover without revealing their identities.

Is Private Investigative Agencies Legal in India?

Private investigative agencies are legal in India, but there are no laws governing the conduct of such agencies. The government has little control over these institutions. Since, no law regulating them, they can operate in India without restrictions. The Private Detective Regulations Bill of 2007 is still pending in Parliament. The bill aims to bring private detective agencies within the law to prevent them from engaging in illegal activities such as terrorism and Naxalism.

What does a private detective agency do?

Private detective agencies operate through commissioned private investigators in two main areas.

1. Private Investigators

Private investigators conduct investigations against specific individuals. They do not have the power to arrest or detain people as the police do. Private investigators use a variety of advanced technology products to conduct their investigations, including:

• Spy cameras and transmitters.

• Private Investigation Software.

• Mobile surveillance software.

• Spy microphone and transmitter.

• GPS devices for tracking people, vehicles, etc.;

• Cell phone jammers, microscope; hidden camera

• Other Innovative Devices

2. Private Security

Private security in India is untrained. Some of the cases that generally fall within the scope of private detective offices are:

• Matters relating to premarital sex.

• Matters relating to pre- and post-employment issues.

• Matters relating to marital disputes.

• Kidnapping matters.

• Monitoring children’s activities.

A private investigator’s fees depend on their skill and the effort they put into their investigation. For sting operations lasting up to 5-6 months, investigator compensation also increases. This job requires a lot of confidence, courage, and flexibility.

Wrapping it up

From the above discussion, we can conclude that there are currently no laws regulating the actions of private detective agencies. Therefore, the boundary between the agencies and their private detectives is not defined, thus leading to many bogus organizations. It is legal to hire a private detective in India, but always reach out to a trusted agency.

Proman Securitech
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