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Angela Ash
Advantages of Shipping LTL

It seems that many businesses are worried about how to get their goods to a location as soon as possible. This is because several shipping options don't perform up to expectations, leaving them worried about the status of their packages. Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping is a new method of delivering shipments that has become famous because of its numerous advantages that company owners can enjoy.

Some of these advantages include the following:

1. Easy for Tracking

Shipping goods through an LTL means you can track the movement of shipments and know when they can reach your location. It's no surprise that even customers will love to know where their goods are at a particular period. Trackable Shipments with the help of LTL give business owners peace of mind and an idea about anything that can go wrong during their movement.

Tracking can be done based on the following customer preferences:

  • Reference number
  • Purchase Order (PO)
  • Bill of Lading (BoL)

2. Provides Excellent Experiences for Customers

Once customers lose trust in a particular brand, they'll provide negative reviews and encourage people not to patronize such a business. That's why when delivering packages through LTL shipping to customers, the shipments must be well handled to avoid damaged goods. Also, LTL shipping lessens customers' worries as they don't have to worry about delays due to accidents or product loss as much.

LTL shipping improves the experience of customers by:

  • Providing transparency in delivery
  • Minimizing product damage or loss
  • Thorough supervision of loading and unloading goods

3. Cost Efficient

Compared to other shipping options, LTL is very cost-effective, especially when your products aren't more than 15,000 pounds (I.e., in small cargo). Rather than use a trailer to transport products, you can use LTL to move your shipments for a minimal amount. LTL shipping deals with the size of the goods, so if your business decides to send all goods at once, you'll save a lot of money.

Some other cost-efficiency advantages of LTL shipping are as follows:

  • Improves rate of delivery
  • Conserves a lot of money that can be channeled into other parts of a business
  • Increases chances of getting goods delivered on time

4. Offers Flexibility

Another advantage to shipping LTL is the flexibility that it offers because of the following different options, which are based on convenience:

  • Truck
  • Boat
  • Train

Also, LTL can allow you to monitor goods delivery routes according to whatever demands are placed. There's something you must consider, and it's the fact that only a few LTL shipping services pass through passages where heavy traffic makes carriers reject such delivery. So, you can always control how your goods can pass through.

5. Grants More Access to Controlling Points of Distribution

The usual thing that people expect from a shipping service is the capability to reach a larger portion of their destinations, allowing the chance of having goods distributed to many places. Only LTL can give you such access because, with the help of an integrated logistics company, every person involved within the supply chain can carry out their duties efficiently.

Using LTL gives your company a chance to control many points of distribution, and the following benefits arise as a result:

  • Reducing shipment transportation periods
  • Increasing the satisfaction of customers
  • Improving the loyalty of clients

LTL shipping ensures that your business can cover many grounds and maintain a positive brand image.

6. Guarantees Safety and Security

If you are looking for a safer way to ship products, then LTL is your best bet. LTL shipping ensures that your shipments are intact during movement. Many LTL shipping companies even ensure that goods are adequately packed, and protective covers are applied to prevent them from experiencing environmental or physical damage.

Some other features that guarantee shipments transported by LTL shipping include the following:

  • Tracking devices
  • Notification requirements
  • Safety instructions

7. Allows Customers to Select From a Wide Range of Options

Unlike other shipping choices, LTL allows customers to choose a wide range of options for shipping smaller loads. Although some of these methods can cause a slight increase in cost, they can benefit your business shipping needs. Notably, LTL provides some extra shipping services that other options can't afford or allow to customers.

Some of these shipping options include the following:

  • Package freeze protection
  • Special handling of goods
  • Lift gate and insurance of products

8. Enhances Control of Inventory Management

LTL shipping can allow businesses to enjoy saving costs and enhancing inventory management.

Using LTL shipping helps a business to attain the following:

  • Improve client services
  • Cause reduction in levels of inventory
  • Give an accurate view of products location, stock, and method of shipping

It helps to manage stocks considerably and promotes better handling of products.


If you're starting a business, using LTL shipping may be the best way to move your deliveries. LTL shipping has benefits like easy tracking, guaranteed security, flexibility, and cost efficiency that can help a business move at a favorable rate of progress. Using LTL shipping provides assurances about your shipments and gives you an edge over rivals in the industry.

Angela Ash
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