Wedding dresses: interesting facts about brides' dresses

Endy Greys

Almost everything in this world has a story to tell. And wedding dresses are no exception. Therefore, many will be interested to know some facts and interesting details related to the ceremonial dresses of brides.

We have collected for you some interesting facts about the history of wedding dresses and not only.

Interesting facts about wedding dresses

For some people it may seem surprising, but not always brides had such a huge selection of wedding dresses. It is now possible to go to https://ariamobridal.com/wedding-dresses/ and choose one of the chic outfits from a well-known brand. Formerly, dresses were sewn by themselves, passed down from generation to generation. And there was a time when the usual wedding dresses did not exist at all, and during weddings the brides wore completely different types of outfits.

And now some interesting facts.

  • Deep necklines and long plumes first appeared in the 15th and 16th centuries. During the Renaissance the fashion of dresses completely changed. Outfits became much lighter. Fewer materials were used, but more decor appeared;
  • The wedding ball gown came into being thanks to France and the princess of Muret. She asked her craftsmen to make a layered white dress, which was complemented by a corset that emphasized the beautiful waist;
  • In 1998, an edible dress was presented at a fashion show in New York. It was based on milk and white chocolate;
  • The most expensive dress was never bought. It was created by the jeweler M. Katz and the designer Rene Strauss. The approximate price of the dress is 12 million dollars. It is made in a "mermaid" cut. On the corset are diamonds, each of 15 carats. It was made back in 2006;
  • Yumi Katsura, a famous Japanese designer, created an $8.5 million wedding dress. It is made of 1,000 pearls, white gold and diamonds;
  • In China, they created a wedding dress made only of peacock feathers. Its price was 1.5 million dollars. It took Chinese craftsmen about eight months to make it. How many peacocks it took to make this dress is not specified. Apparently, quite a lot;
  • The wedding dress was not always white. Until the 19th century, white was a symbol of mourning. It was Queen Victoria of Great Britain who changed everything. It was she who first wore a light-colored dress to her own wedding. It completely changed the whole world's fashion. Agree, nowadays, wedding dress is associated only with white color. It's hard to imagine that once it wasn't;
  • Brides in the Philippines never wear a dress before the wedding. Only on that day can they wear their attire. Therefore, there is no time to make it fit. Unfortunately, because of this tradition, the image does not always turn out beautiful and suitable for the bride.

These are not all the facts that can be told about wedding dresses. But we tried to choose the most interesting and unusual ones.

Endy Greys
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