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Everything Special About Avatar The Way Of Water And More

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Everything Special About Avatar The Way Of Water And More

At the start of the 21st century, two important movie releases changed Hollywood. The First was Iron Man, and the second was Avatar. Iron Man introduced a new era of superheroes and a multiverse. On the other hand, Avatar pushed the technology limits of movies. After a decade, there are superheroes everywhere, including in movies and web series. Now, James Cameron is returning with the Avatar sequel to dethrone superheroes.

The blockbuster movie Avatar: The Way Of Water centers around the character Jake Sully (Actor Sam Worthington) and Neytiri in their new adventure. It is a long-awaited film, and the plan was officially announced in 2010. The actual release was pushed due to production delays. 

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After 13 years, Avatar fans got a chance to visit Pandora again. More sequels are in the queue and will be released in 2024. The box office number for the movie was very positive. The movie pulled $435 Million in its opening weekend globally. It was the 4th biggest opening weekend movie of 2022. Here is everything you need to know about Avatar: The Way Of Water from director to cast.

What Is Special About Avatar 2?

The Avatar 2 teaser trailer was released in May, and the official James Cameron’s Avatar 2 trailer was released on November 2, 2022. It gives a glimpse of returning characters and life in Pandora. You can watch the trailer for Avatar on Youtube. Avatar 2 release date was December 16, 2022. After multiple delays, we got the release date of Avatar.

The movie follows the family of Jake and Neytiri. You will see the tragedies they endure, the battles they fight, struggle to stay alive and keep their family members safe. You will see a lot of action and mind-blowing scenes. The final runtime of the movie is approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes. 

The movie sequel is enough for the viewers to jump in without watching the original Avatar movie. The references in the movie are enough. Avatar’s timeline was set in 2154 during the danger of humanity’s existence. Human’s found a rare mineral named Unobtanium in Pandora, which can be converted into an energy source. It would help a global transmission system, food production, and power up the cities.

The natives of Pandora are called Na’vi [Humanoid Aliens], and they fight the invading forces to save their planet Eywa and its sentient environment. In Avatar 2, Jake lives with his family, and as a threat to return to Pandora, Jake works with Na’vi and Neytiri to protect their home.

Avatar Movie Cast For The Way Of Water

Here are the main characters of the movie Avatar: The Way Of Water or Avatar 2. You will also find the storyline of the first movie Avatar.

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington)

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Jake Sully is the hero or main character of the movie. He is a paraplegic marine that works for RDA. Jake visits Pandora with his brother Tommy. He protects scientist Grace by piloting a Na’vi body. It was to plot peace between Na’vi and humans. Jake fell in love with Neytiri and does not support RDA anymore. He became a legendary hero after defeating RDA and winning the war. Avatar 2 follows the story of Jake Sully and Neytiri after 10 to 15 years.

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Neytiri (Zoe Saldana)

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Neytiri is the daughter of the Omaticaya clan leader and protects the people of Pandora. She falls in love with Jake Sully, although she knows he is a human. They fought the war together and defeated RDA in the first Avatar movie. In Avatar: The Way Of Water, she protects her family by joining the water clan and leaving her home.

Grace Augustine Or Kiri (Sigourney Weaver)

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Grace is a female exobiologist, and in the first Avatar, she was deeply wounded in the battle of RDA and Na’vi. Neytiri tried to transfer his soul into an Avatar to save her life, but it didn’t work. She died after making contact with Eywa. Sigourney Weaver appears in Avatar 2 and plays the role of Kiri.

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Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang)

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Miles is the RDA’s security head for mining operations. Jake and Neytiri killed him during the fight. You will see him as a villain in the new Avatar.

Who Is The Director Of Avatar: The Way Of Water?

The director is the same as James Cameron for the first Avatar movie and Titanic. The screenplay was based on the story by James Cameron, Shane Salerno, Josh Friedman, Silver, and Jaffa. James does not state the actual cost to create the movie, but he said that the movie must be 3rd or 4th grossing film to make a profit. The Avatar 2 budget is estimated at around $2 Billion.

The first Avatar made $77 Million on its first weekend in theatres, and Avatar: The Way Of Water pulled a global total of $435 Million in its first weekend. 

How Good Is Avatar 2?

The director has struck gold with Avatar: The Way Of Water. The visuals are the point of emphasis, but the movie is beautiful. Fans finally got the chance to return to the life of Pandora in 2009. Here are the points that will create more interest:

  1. It features a ten-year time jump.
  2. New characters.
  3. The movie focuses on family.
  4. Underwater technologies.
  5. Return of old characters.

You can decide for yourself after watching these twists in the movie. The movie does not have any streaming release date yet. It depends on the movie’s success. However, you might witness it appear on streaming services in a couple of months. It will be available on Hulu or Disney+ because 20th Century Studios and Disney released the movie. Avatar 2 full movie is very good. I recommend you watch it in theatres. 

Avatar 2 box office is nearly $500 Million. The movie does not have a post-credit scene. The best way to watch Avatar is in a movie hall with great picture quality. Avatar 1 runtime was approximately 30 minutes from Avatar 2.


Avatar 2 is very exciting, cerebral, or good, but you will get a bombastic, shallow, and predictable storyline. I will suggest the movie if you want to watch the story of Pandora after decades. Cameron’s approach has crafted another hit with Avatar: The Way Of Water. 

If you are not an Avatar fan, then you can wait for the movie to appear on streaming services, but every movie lover must watch the movie to experience the technology used in the movies. Hold your breath; you are going to dive deep.

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