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6 Flowers that Welcome Your New Year

Adam Brown
6 Flowers that Welcome Your New Year

One of the finest things about New Year is the decorations. Nothing nearly compares to the New Year feeling you get from seeing your house lit up. New Year flowers and plants are a lovely addition to your decorations, adding a touch of natural, fresh beauty to your home during the winter months and seamlessly blending with other greenery.  

This blog will cover some of our favourite new year flowers and plants if you would like to send flowers to Vietnam & USA and tell you more about them. Some blooms are traditionally associated with the season.  

1. Amaryllis  

The Amaryllis is a well-liked Christmas as well as new year flower around Vietnam & USA. It blooms with brilliant, cheery red flowers that perfectly match traditional colours. Other types have flowers that are pristine white and perfect for a winter wonderland appearance. The flowers are naturally eye-catching because of their size and trumpet form and you can also get the flower delivery Vietnam. 

They are essentially tropical plants that are native to South and Central America, despite their reputation as being wintry. Nevertheless, they became well-liked New Year gifts because they can blossom indoors in the winter. Although it is frequently purchased as a plant, it also works nicely in bouquets, giving ensembles a dazzling flair. When combined with berries and other festive foliage, it looks gorgeous.  

2. Poinsettia  

The Poinsettia is the most recognizable Christmas & New Year flower in Vietnam with its magnificent combination of red and green holiday foliage, it's understandable why this plant is the most popular indoor plant in the UK during the holiday season. Every year, about 8 million are sold. Although red variations are the most common, white and pink versions are also grown.  

Other flowering plants differ slightly from poinsettias. The well-known crimson "petals" are bracts, the plant's top leaves. The tiny blooms, which are often green or yellow in colour and may be seen tucked amid the leaves, are visible.  

3. Azalea  

Azaleas, members of the Rhododendron family, are common indoor plants throughout the holiday season in Vietnam and are excellent for warding off the chill. The most popular colours throughout the holiday season are red and white, and their wonderful, whole blossoms are lovely for revitalizing your home.  

As gifts, these plants would be very much appreciated if you would like to send flower to Vietnam to your loved ones or even your neighbours. Azaleas make wonderful holiday centrepiece's because, once they begin flowering, their flowers may last up to 4 weeks. They should be stored away from heat sources in slightly cooler, humid environments.

Put the pot in some water that is at room temperature, then let it drain. Watering should be done at least twice weekly to keep the soil moist.  

4. Cymbidium Orchids  

Cymbidium orchids, once exclusively found in Himalayan woods, are a unique and sophisticated addition to Christmas & New Year bouquets around Vietnam. New Year is an excellent time to admire them because they are only in season in the winter and are typically located above cloud level.  

They dress up flower arrangements with beautiful intrigue and texture because of their elegant flower spikes of colourful blossoms. At Christmas & New Year time, the white variety is charming and lends bouquets a magically snowy appearance. Cut Cymbidium orchids have the advantage of having stems that can persist for up to 4 weeks. As a result, you won't have to worry about them withering before the holiday season's conclusion, making them the ideal complement to your New Year decorations.  

5. Red Roses  

Red roses are standard in Christmas & New Year bouquets and aren't simply for romantic events. Their vibrant color wonderfully complements the usual holiday hues, giving flowers an immediately joyful appearance. We particularly enjoy using them with seasonal green berries and golden foliage for that traditional Christmas & New Year color scheme. Red roses make excellent table centerpieces and will give your New Year table a lively flash of color.  

In water, cut red roses last for at least a week. We advise buying these to arrive a few days before New Year if you intend to utilize them in your holiday decorations. This guarantees they will continue stunning for a few days after New Year. 


Christmas & New Year is all about parties, celebrations, and glamorizing your events. We have included some traditional flower ideas to assist you in decorating your home with the most outstanding options for the holiday season to make your events captivating and mesmerizing for your guests. Ho Chi Minh Florist is the right option for you if you are looking for a reliable and recognized florist around Vietnam.  

With their broad network covering 63/63 provinces, Ho Chi Minh Florist can assist you in sending flowers to Vietnam. To ensure the input is constantly fresh and preserve freshness for as long as possible, we worked with many reputable florists from all across Vietnam. Customers may be sure that we enable them to purchase inexpensive flowers for delivery to Vietnam thanks to the availability of local suppliers. 

Adam Brown
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