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Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online

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Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online

It is simple to use keyboard shortcuts to speed up navigation in QuickBooks Online. These shortcuts are compatible with all major browsers.


How can I open a new tab?

To use Internet Explorer, follow these steps: Ctrl + N will be pressed. (Keep in mind that you will be signed in to the same firm on both Windows.)

For Firefox, use Ctrl + N. (Note That you will not be signed into the second window but you'll be registered to the first one. The second window allows users to sign in to the firm for which they are now employed in order to work on two screens.)

For Chrome, hold down the Ctrl and N keys. (Note: You will be logged in to the current company when you browse QuickBooks Online in that window.)


How can I locate text within a window?

CTRL and CTRL + (works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome as well as Internet Explorer) will open a window in which you may input your search.

Firefox launches with a Find toolbar in the lower right corner of your screen.

Google displays a search bar at the top of the screen.


How should dates be entered?

Next day + (plus key)

Previous day – (minus key)

Today T

First day of the Week W

The last day of the week K

First day of the Month M

The last day of the month H

First day of the Year Y

The day that ends the year

Press Alt+down Arrow to display the calendar icon that pops up located to the right of the date field.


How do I traverse form fields?

To move forward, press the Tab key.

To return, use Tab and Shift.

To check a checkbox field, use your Space Bar.


How do you choose items from drop-down lists?

Hold down the Tab key until you reach the field.

The list may be accessed by using Alt+down Arrow.

To navigate through the items in the list, use the up and down arrows.

Click Tab to choose the option you want, then go on to the next field.

If you don't want to see the complete list of things, but only want to go at the options in the text box, press Ctrl + down or Ctrl + up.


How do you choose things from a list of sub-items?

Enter the item's parent's first few characters until the item is picked.

To proceed to the sub-items list, input the initial few characters of the item until it is selected.

To see the sub-items, press the Alt+down arrows, then use the down or up arrow to scroll between them.

Click Tab to pick the item you want to add, then go on to the next field.


How can I save forms?

In any kind Instead of saving, use Alt + S from any form.

You must press Alt and Shift plus S in both Firefox and Chrome. It's Options + Control + S for Mac users.


How do you handle messages?

Hold down the Alt key. If the button names are underlined letters, hold the Alt key down and hit the letters to select the button you want to click.


How do you choose a certain type of transaction in an account?


Click Switch + Tab to open the kind of transaction field in a new row of transactions that is yellow.


To open the list, press Alt + Down.


To navigate the list, use the up or down arrows. You can also choose one of the letters from the transaction type you're looking for. If there are many types of transactions that begin with the same letters, just type again to choose the second. For example, to choose Check, type C once. Then, for Cash Purchase, repeat the C type.


To pick the transaction type, use the tab key. Tab to select the type of transaction you wish to utilize and go to the next phase. Once you're familiar with the many sorts of transactions accessible, you may click into the field and input the initial letter without having to open the list.


What should you do if the Ref # field is checked?

Use the + button to increase the amount of Refs you have.


Press – to lower the number of refs.


Enter T to type To Print in the Ref# field for a check or Paycheck, (from an account with a checking balance) or Paycheck.


How can you save or change the selected transaction?

In order to save, press Alt + S. Shift + Alt + S (for Firefox and Chrome).

To modify a previously saved transaction, press Alt + E. This will open the transaction form.


How do you travel amongst registered transactions while selecting the date fields?


To choose the above procedure, use the up arrows.

Select the option below by clicking the down arrow.

poorti manglani
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