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What are the characteristics of the 30,000 ton compound fertilizer production line?


This compound fertilizer plant is suitable for making raw materials into granular compound fertilizer. The annual output of compound fertilizer is 30,000 tons, but this is not the only option, our engineers can assemble different compound fertilizer production lines according to your requirements. The npk production line adopts double-roll extrusion granulation technology, which has low investment and high economic benefits. The whole set of fertilization equipment adopts scientific design, compact and advanced structure. The 30,000-ton NPK production line is widely used in compound fertilizer factories, chemical companies, feed factories, metallurgy and other industries. It is a fertilizer of different concentrations in the compound fertilizer production line, including organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, and biological fertilizers.

30,000 tons npk fertilizer manufacturing process flow:

1. The raw materials are put into the batching machine according to the formula for batching. The material is then conveyed to a pan mixer.

2. The fertilizer production line has two disc mixers. The cycloid reducer drives the main shaft and transmits the power to the stirring arm. So the material will be fully mixed by the movement of the stirring arm and the small blades.

3. The mixed material enters the double roller granulator through the belt conveyor. The material enters the bottom of the feeder through the hopper for extrusion. The material is then extruded into granular compound fertilizer. Crushing rolls and screens make the granules into the desired granules.

4. Then the granules will be sent to the drum screen, and the fertilizer granules will be grouped into qualified and unqualified. The unqualified ones are brought back to the tray feeder for recycling, and the qualified ones are sent to the finished product warehouse.

5. Finally, an automatic packaging machine weighs and packs the finished product.

Advantages of 30,000 tons npk fertilizer production line device:

1. The drying cost is greatly reduced.

2. There will be no delamination when processing slurry due to different raw material densities.

3. The first batches after commissioning are already supplied with pellets of the correct size.

4. The process can be started and stopped as needed.

5. Batch or recipe changes are simple.

6. The particle size range can be easily changed.

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