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Is Wearing Colored Contact Lenses Harmful for Vision?

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Is Wearing Colored Contact Lenses Harmful for Vision?

Wearing colored contact lenses without having a prescription may seem harmless in a flash (at first). But, from an alarming point of view, costume contact lenses may damage the eyes and even trigger permanent blindness when not following the prescription and expert's guidelines. 

Many costume contact lenses get sold without an expert prescription, which is illegal in the United States as per the ideal guidelines.

Precautions to take care of when wearing the contacts 

Enough with scrolling the intent of content now it's time to jump into a few essential things to look for when wearing contact lenses:

  • Never sleep wearing contact lenses: Sleeping with contact lenses is among the leading causes of contact lens overuse. This practice is among the most dangerous & damaging the many poor choices contact lens wearing a person can make.
  • Verify before using: Costume contact lenses can be worn with no hazard when you see a doctor first & follow his advice. The only best way to ensure safety when using contact lenses is to see an eye care professional first. 
  • Roster management for contact lens wearing: Our eyes need oxygen as a person needs & denying to grant the opportunity to breathe comfortably by overwearing the contacts may cause severe damage to our eyes.
  • Use of prescription contact lenses: prescription contact lenses can be used post talking to the doc first and following expert advice. Don't forget that the latest contact lenses are individual medical devices requiring commitment to proper wear schedule and care by the default user. 
  • Curing the symptoms by consulting the expert: If you are having vision symptoms (such as astigmatism, farsightedness, etc.), in such case, get going to the nearby doctor ASAP. Remember, our vision is essential to risk long-term damage from a visual infection.

Does Contact Impact the corneas of the eyes?

Yes, in many ways, depending on which kind of lens it is. Optically, it is indeed altering the refractive power of the eyes. Then the mechanical effect may at least transiently change the shape of the cornea; it may scratch the cornea surface.

If talking about the cornea of the eyes consume less oxygen, even with modern gas-permeable contact lenses. Then, inserting it into a body under the eyelids might change the microbiology of the surface of our eyes.

Contact Lenses | Precautions | Prescriptions

  • Staying away from water: Be it tap, pool, or lake water, anything; might alter the shape of the lenses and cause micro-abrasions on the cornea. 
  • Trimming overuse of contact lenses: Wearing contact lenses for a long time may damage the eyes (especially the daily contacts). The ideal daily-basis use recommendation for the contact lens is 14-16 hours.
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes: When eyes feel itchy or dry, or if a lens feels out of place, you may be willing to rub your eyes. Thus,  rubbing (whether with/without contact lenses) would lead to long-term vision issues.

Bottom Words 

As an attempt to save money or through an idle lifestyle, wearing contact lenses beyond the prescribed replacement date is an incredibly logic-less practice that could have serious long-term consequences on the eyes.

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