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How to find a person by phone number: search and location tracking

How to find a person by phone number: search and location tracking
Many of us are familiar with the situation when for security or other reasons it is necessary to find out where a relative (perhaps a child or spouse), an acquaintance or another person is. Today we will try to understand the huge variety of services that help to find a person by phone number.

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Is it possible to find a person by phone number? 

Finding a person with just their phone number is indeed possible even for ordinary citizens. With the help of what technology?

  1. Most mobile operators offer a geo-finding function.
  2. There are a number of mobile applications that allow you to find a person or device using a phone number.
  3. Some online services provide the ability to track a person's location.
  4. Often there is a device locator function in the mobile devices themselves.

Legal and illegal ways

To begin with, let's pay attention to scammers and their sites, which assure that for a certain fee they are ready to find a person by phone number. On YouTube, for example, there are dozens of videos that tell you how you can easily and simply track the movement of the right person. The link below the video can link to a site that offers to purchase useless software. More importantly, you can be criminally or administratively liable for using such illegal software.

The only legal way to track a person's location is with the consent of the subscriber himself. What to choose and which method will be really effective? Let's try to understand.

Geolocation services of mobile operators

Leading mobile operators provide their customers with geolocation service. It can be automatically included in the tariff or require a separate connection through the operator or in the personal cabinet. The principle of operation is the same for all companies and is based on the LCDS platform. This option operates subject to the consent of the subscriber. Let us briefly review the functions offered by different operators.

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Free applications for determining the location of a child or another person

In GooglePlay and AppStore you can find a huge variety of applications for tracking by cell phone number and phone location. Some have the ability to intercept incoming and outgoing information (calls, text messages, files, videos, and photos).

Be careful not to run into scammers! Read reviews.

Here are some useful and reliable software for locating a person or child:

  • uMobix
  • mSpy
  • Cocospy

Friend Locator

This free app allows you to track the movements of an unlimited number of friends on a map with permission.

Online Phoneradar

Works on all platforms. Allows you to track the places where the person was, learn the history of calls and correspondence.


Another similar app with a built-in nanny radio. It registers on the map all the places where the child/relative has been. And it works on all platforms. There is an option to designate safe zones.

Other ways to search

Google Maps

This is a built-in Android system app. It allows you to track the subscriber's movements over a certain period of time - a day, a week, a month. The route is marked with points and lines on a line chart and is automatically saved by the system.

Find My Device

Another Google development. The registered users can track the subscribers added to the list and to exchange with them the sms-messages in the built-in chat. With its help it is possible to find a missing phone. But with geolocation turned off, the accuracy of the data is significantly reduced.

System function "Find device"

On both iOS and Android devices in the settings of the gadget you can connect the function "Find device" (the name of the function may vary on different models). Internet connection and geolocation are required. In the phone menu, you must find and activate the option "Remote Search". In order to find the device, you need to go to the "Find device" site.

To prevent intruders from disabling it, put passwords on the appropriate sections in Settings or check the "Deny changes" tab.

Tracking by IMEI

Each gadget is initially assigned an IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). When you first connect to a mobile network, this number is automatically recorded in the database. This code can be found: under the battery, in the warranty card, on the original box, by entering a special combination of symbols and numbers on the device.

If you lose your phone/tablet, you can apply to law enforcement agencies. They will look for your gadget by imei number. But they will give you the information only if you have the original documents and the box, as well as strong arguments in favor of the need to search. There are also special programs for tracking devices by IMEI.

Online services

Online services are convenient because they do not need to be downloaded, they are often simple and easy to use. However, there are a lot of fraudulent sites that do not work or use illegally obtained information. Be vigilant!

Services and applications that track a person's location by phone differ in their functionality and functionality. There are paid and free options. Some users are more convenient to use the services of mobile network operators, while others prefer to install a separate application on their device. The main thing to remember is that you can legally track a person only with the consent of the subscriber.

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