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Ear Surgery Otoplasty: Everything You Need To Know

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Ear Surgery Otoplasty: Everything You Need To Know

One may feel self-conscious about their facial features if they have large ear lobes, projecting or drooping ears, or other ear deformities. Otoplasty surgery allows people of all ages to quickly and safely correct structural flaws in the ear.

Ear surgery otoplasty is performed to improve the look of the ears. The operation is offered to the patient once their ears have reached their full size, which typically occurs around age 5. Otoplasty frequently helps patients improve the appearance of their faces and lessen the social anxiety that is sometimes associated with broken or unusually shaped ears.

  • Numerous other benefits of otoplasty include the following:

1> Correction of prominent ears:

For the majority of people, the angle between the outer ear and the head is typically between 25° and 35°. If this angle is greater than 35°, a person's ears may appear to "thrust out" and impact how their face appears. By having ear surgery to "flatten" prominent ears and relocate them closer to the head, a person's facial appearance can be enhanced.

2> Natural facial appearance:

With the use of otoplasty, patients with unusually large or small ears can have these issues fixed. Otoplasty, or flattening surgery for the ears, can also help if they appear folded or cupped. If ears appear folded or cupped, ear surgery otoplasty can also help flatten them. This makes it possible for someone to undergo otoplasty and achieve a facial appearance that seems natural.

3> Increased self-confidence:

Otoplasty and an increase in self-confidence go hand in hand. Children who have undergone otoplasty surgery usually report higher self-esteem and less difficulty integrating into social settings, such as school. The likelihood that a child may be taunted for having large ears may be reduced by otoplasty. Of course, enhanced self-confidence brought on by otoplasty may also help grownups.

4> Permanent results:

The average otoplasty treatment lasts one to two hours, and the results are lasting. As a result, an otoplasty patient might continue to reap the benefits of the treatment for years after the post-operative bandages are removed.

5> Safe treatment:

Otoplasty has already helped adults and children fix ears that are broken or unusually shaped. There aren't many risks related to otoplasty, and most patients can resume regular activities and exercise around two weeks after surgery.

Be it otoplasty, mdpen microneedling, or plastic and reconstructive surgery, our board certified plastic surgeons at Hilton Head Plastic Surgery & MedSpa can deliver the best results.

6> General procedure:

General anesthesia is routinely used during otoplasty procedures. During a typical otoplasty procedure, ears are brought closer to the skull. The crease behind the ear is where the otoplasty incisions are hidden. Through this incision, the cartilage behind the ears can be changed to shift them closer to the head. The operation takes one to two hours, depending on how complicated it is.

Numerous surgical techniques are employed in addition to projecting ears to correct defects. You and your doctor can discuss these procedures during your initial visit.

7> Recovery process:

After the treatment is complete, the head will be covered in thick bandages. This method stabilizes the ear and aids in the healing process. The bandages are normally removed after a week and replaced with smaller dressings. Post-operative instructions often advise obtaining lots of rest and exercising moderately to speed the healing process and reduce recovery time. Patients occasionally report slight soreness after surgery. For the treatment of all forms of pain, oral medicines are effective. Despite the fact that complications are rare, patients can lower their risk of problems by carefully adhering to the post-operative instructions.

While adults and children may be candidates for otoplasty surgery, the optimal patient for therapy varies. People with extremely large or projecting ears who do not have hearing loss frequently require otoplasty. The otoplasty surgeon a person chooses might potentially have a wide range of consequences. To learn more about ear surgery otoplasty, you can contact Hilton Head Plastic Surgery & MedSpa.

Hilton Head Plastic Surgery & MedSpa
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