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How to Start Omnichannel Marketing on a WordPress Website?

Alfa Smith
How to Start Omnichannel Marketing on a WordPress Website?

Today, when customers use online resources for literally everything, this behavioral change is bringing about a paradigm shift in traditional e-commerce. With 73% of global purchases being conducted online, businesses need to revamp their marketing strategies to: 

  • Attract new customers
  • Convert them 
  • Win their loyalty to get more sales 

Considering modern-day challenges, an omnichannel marketing would be your best bet to expand your customer base and generate more revenue. Omnichannel marketing is an essential strategy in today’s e-commerce space. The purpose is to deliver flawless customer service and promote your brand to a broader audience. 

But, how should you execute an omnichannel marketing strategy? And more importantly, how do you prepare your WordPress website to implement this strategy? 

Read this guide to find out!

What Is Omni-Channel Marketing?

You must be wondering: is omnichannel marketing different from multi-channel marketing or the CRM customer service model you already use on your website? Here’s an overview of omnichannel marketing for those new to the concept. 

As the name suggests, it is a strategy that integrates all your existing sales channels under a single umbrella. This helps the company stay in the loop and productively interact with its customers. 

Apart from creating a consistent image on your website, app, and local store, you can also ensure an effortless experience for your customers through omnichannel marketing. 

Steps to Start An Omnichannel Marketing On A WordPress Website

Using an omnichannel contact center software to integrate all aspects of your marketing strategy can work wonders for your business. You can ensure a flawless shopping experience for customers who prefer to switch between devices while making a purchase. 

However, integrating your marketing techniques across all touchpoints is challenging, especially if your company operates on a single-channel marketing system. But if you’re willing to take the plunge, here are some steps to get started. 

1. Use Phone Contact

Adding a phone call option on your online portals through omnichannel contact center software can help seamlessly integrate an omnichannel marketing strategy. Human communications help eliminate confusion while increasing customer satisfaction. 


The worst mistake a brand can make is regarding phone calls as an outdated communication medium. Believe it or not, 61% of customers still prefer to speak to a human representative rather than chat with a bot.  


The best way to initiate an omnichannel marketing strategy is to form a single communication center where customers can reach out to professional representatives. No matter where the customer has come into contact with your brand, he can solve any query or track his order through a single portal without getting misled. 

2. Work on Your Website and Social Media Platforms

Before you search for the best omnichannel contact center, your first step should be to assess your website and social media channels. These portals establish your online presence and communicate your brand identity to the masses, hence, important places to deploy your omnichannel marketing plan. 

Start by ensuring both platforms work well and improve the user interface. Then, try to maintain uniform communication points on both portals. 

Some businesses make the mistake of remaining active and responsive on Instagram or Facebook while slacking on other platforms. Unfortunately, this detours potential customers from other platforms and decreases your potential revenue. 

To engage maximum customers, work to set up a single communication center that processes customer requests across multiple channels. 

3. Improve Your Mobile App

When creating an omnichannel marketing strategy, your mobile app should be at the forefront of your business. Around 77% of customers use their mobile phones to make a purchase, meaning that’s where most of your customers will land to complete their transactions. 

You’ll need to give them a pleasant customer experience to keep them coming back. As a part of your omnichannel communication strategy, integrate constant connectivity and timely notifications into your mobile app. 

This lets your customers follow their orders and track any promotions or discounts on your platform. 

4. Diversify Customer Touchpoints

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Are you getting ample traffic on your online portals while your in-store staff sits idle? Then, you can strategize your omnichannel approach to divert the traffic where you want. 

To get customers into your store, you can provide a pick-up option on your online portals during checkout. This way, customers can save on delivery fees while you can get them to visit your store and make additional purchases. It’s a win-win situation. 

5. Avoid Customer Disorientation

Businesses operating multiple communication channels separately can end up confusing their audiences. 

For example, promoting a rewards program or mega sale on a single platform can disorient customers following your brand on other portals. That’s why, you should keep a unified approach across all portals to avoid customer disengagement. 

Besides, customer service representatives should maintain a uniform tone across all portals to maintain a consistent brand identity. This way, even though some customers might be active on Facebook while others are on Instagram, you’ll be able to target them all simultaneously. 

6. Produce A Single Call-to-Action

When developing an omnichannel marketing system on your WordPress website and maintaining it across multiple channels, you’ll be bombarding your loyal costumes with strategic communication. 

You can include multiple campaigns, such as newsletter subscriptions, promotions, reward programs, and discounts. The best way to make these efforts count across multiple portals is to add a consistent call to action. 

An engaging CTA will entice customers to complete the desired action. But, even if they don’t, you will receive useful metrics regarding how your audience reacts to the CTA on each portal, allowing you to improve your campaign further. 

Is Omnichannel Marketing Beneficial?

Source: FreePik

Using an omnichannel contact center to centralize your marketing strategies is definitely a beneficial endeavor for your business. 

The statistics speak for themselves. Companies with omnichannel marketing campaigns retain 89% of their customers while enjoying a 287% higher purchase rate than companies using single-channel marketing.  

Remember, omnichannel marketing doesn’t simply involve initiating communication among the various sections of your marketing campaign. Instead, it imparts a uniform message regarding your brand from all channels, establishing an engaging outlook and providing easy solutions to customer queries.

Apart from that, there are various benefits experienced by online businesses using omnichannel platforms to amp up their marketing game. Some notable advantages include:

  • Creative diversification of marketing strategies
  • Increased awareness among audiences of all levels regarding marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Higher authority over the customer while interacting with the brand rather than strictly guiding them through a straight sales pipeline.
  • Diversion of sales traffic across multiple channels


Wrapping this up, integrating omnichannel marketing strategies into your retail business doesn’t mean simply creating an omnichannel contact center. While omnichannel communication solutions are necessary, there are several other crucial steps you will have to take. 

These include working on your website, social media portals, and mobile app to ensure all your customer service teams are on the same page. Similarly, you’ll have to work on the user interface across all portals to ensure a flawless experience in case a customer switches devices. 

Remember, clarity and disorientation through consistent marketing can make your business lose customers. 

Alfa Smith
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