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Why You Need Bumper Plates For Training

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Why You Need Bumper Plates For Training

Bumper plates are weight plates with a hollow center and a rubber or urethane casing. They are designed to be used with Olympic weightlifting barbells and are meant to be dropped from overhead during lifts such as the snatch and clean and jerk. The rubber or urethane casing helps to protect the weightlifting platform and reduces noise when the plates are dropped. Bumper plates are typically used in weightlifting and powerlifting training and competitions.

To use bumper plates, you will need an Olympic weightlifting barbell and a weightlifting platform or a rubber mat to protect the floor. Here are the basic steps for using bumper plates:

  • Load the barbell with the desired weight by sliding the bumper plates onto the barbell sleeves. Make sure that the plates are evenly distributed on both sides of the bar.
  • Stand facing the barbell with your feet shoulder-width apart. Position your hands on the barbell using your preferred grip.
  • Lift the barbell off the ground by straightening your legs and hips while keeping your back straight.
  • Once the barbell is at waist height, bend your knees slightly to bring the barbell close to your body.
  • From this position, you can perform various weightlifting exercises such as the snatch, clean and jerk, and other variations of these lifts.
  • When you are finished lifting, carefully lower the barbell back to the ground by reversing the steps you used to lift it. Make sure to place the barbell back on the rack or in a designated storage area when you are finished.

Remember to always use proper form and technique when lifting weights to reduce the risk of injury. It is also a good idea to have a spotter or coach present when lifting heavy weights.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing bumper plates, including the material they are made of, the weight, the diameter, and the price. Here are a few things to consider when selecting bumper plates:

Material: Bumper plates are typically made of rubber or urethane. Rubber bumper plates are more durable and have a longer lifespan, but they are also more expensive. Urethane bumper plates are less durable but are also less expensive.

Weight: Bumper plates come in a range of weights, including 25, 35, 45, and 55 pounds. Choose the weights that best suit your needs and fitness level.

Diameter: Bumper plates are available in different diameters to fit different barbell sleeves. The standard diameter for bumper plates is 450mm, but some plates may have a slightly larger or smaller diameter. Make sure to choose bumper plates that are the correct diameter for your barbell.

Price: Bumper plates vary in price, depending on the material, weight, and other factors. Determine your budget and look for bumper plates that meet your needs within your price range.

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