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Best & Creative Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Balcony

Best & Creative Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Balcony

Here are some great ways to make your space look more spacious while still having privacy for yourself and your family members.

In today’s world, we live in a busy society where many people multitask most of the time. It is not rare to find someone working or sitting at home when they are supposed to be doing something else and that is just fine with modern living. People working from home have found this way of managing their time very beneficial; however, it can sometimes become difficult for those renting a place to feel like they have enough space to provide comfort.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to create additional square footage that will make your space seem bigger without taking up unnecessary floor space. One trick is to use a few different methods to maximise space on your property. You’ll have plenty of options when choosing the right design elements, but these are some of my favourite ideas for everyone, especially if you have a smaller balcony.

Match Your Surroundings

When choosing the right colour scheme for your balcony area, remember to choose something that matches your surroundings and the colours of any rooms inside your house. This won’t only make you feel more stylish, but it also makes a beautiful statement of style without creating many distractions or feeling cramped due to the lack of privacy.

So next time you plan your decor for another major event, check your bathroom or hallway mirror and choose a red carpet to match. You should also look at your flooring colour. If you have installed black marble, black granite or dark-coloured flooring, you should match your balcony colour accordingly.

Install Lighting

One good example of how to put a little extra height into a small room is by adding arched windows and skylights. The light from such fixtures helps bring the outside in, making it easier to take in the views without feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of space. Consider using lights to mimic similar effects if you live in an apartment. They can brighten up your window view without being too disruptive to your peace of mind. With this, you can also add a bold statement and improve the interior design of your space.

Adding accent lighting to your area of interest is a simple way to make your space appear larger without much effort. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of where most of the light comes from and choose lights that are going to illuminate different areas of the room effectively.

Install Glass Doors and Windows

Another easy tip is installing glass doors and windows so that you can see the rest of the city while enjoying the scenery outside. While it may be impractical to cover every inch of a balcony with expensive-looking glass panels, this is certainly easier than building decks, and balconies throughout your home. And don’t worry—there’s no pressure needed to get rid of all the extra space you have. Whether it’s from the inside or out, if you want your balcony to fit within the limits of your building, you need to consider upgrading your home or apartment, as big spaces typically have limited access control options.

There are usually plenty of affordable alternatives available where you can easily upgrade and renovate what was once empty spaces for more family members.

Hang a Beautiful Wall Art

Keep everything simple during spring and summer vacations, and you’ll keep the mood lively and colourful until all of life returns to normal again. If you want to go even further, pick up a nice piece of art during your remodel project, like a painting, framed wall art, or even a unique mug to stand around the corner with guests and friends. Also, try to choose colours based on the season because seasonal weather colours tend to look fresh. You can always change things up later on with a quick refresh or paint a new shade.

These are all great tips to help you spice up your small open-air balcony area. When you have an outdoor living space, these tricks should definitely enhance the space instead of replacing it entirely. Although the above balcony ideas may seem overly simplistic, you can still achieve the same effect through simple upgrades such as trimming and adding accessories and lights to give your balcony some extra flair. Just be careful not to overdo it, though. Overdoing it can lead to severe messes or, even worse, damage to your walls or floors.

Add Planter Wall

A planter wall can set the tone for the charming balcony. Bright blooms give it a festive feel. When you want to unwind and rest, retreat to the colourful refuge made of green artificial turf and wicker chairs.


Consider these ways to make your balcony look larger without sacrificing privacy. As long as you pay attention to detail and keep your eye on the prize, these easy-to-manage balcony ideas will save you the hassle of rearranging to add more space for you and your family. However, it can take a lot of effort and thinking before deciding to invest in these ways.

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