All You Need To Know About the Benefits of Distributed Generation

Pooja salve

Decentralized generation is the process of producing and distributing energy locally, near to the final consumers. These generations are based on renewable technology, primarily wind turbines, solar cells, geothermal energy, and micro hydro power plants, but not exclusively. The advantages of onsite power generation versus centralized power generation systems are numerous since it avoids the expenses of long-distance power transmission and distribution. From 1KW to 100MW of power can be produced using these small-scale technologies.

In contrast to traditional centralized systems, Distributed Generation are compact and provide a number of advantages.

Following are a few of its advantages:

·      No high peak load shortages: Distributed Generation systems can effectively address the issue of high peak load shortages by reducing peak demand.

·      Reduced high transmission and distribution losses - It can significantly lower the losses that occur when power is transmitted and distributed from a central location, which raises the grid network's reliability. The current energy losses in India account for around 35% of the overall energy supply.

·      Linking remote and inaccessible areas - Providing power to remote and inaccessible locations is a crucial function that distributed generation can play in tying together these areas. It offers a solution for rural electrification in a nation like India.

·      Faster responsiveness to new power demands: Because micro-grid systems are compact and frequently have shorter gestation periods, they can more quickly and easily add capacity when necessary.

·      Increased supply dependability and power management - Since distributed generating systems are not dependent on utility grid systems, they provide simple power, voltage, and frequency maintenance. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for less congested energy storage and management systems.


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Pooja salve
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