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10 Most Common Types of Molds Found in A Home in Toronto

10 Most Common Types of Molds Found in A Home in Toronto

How many times have we already heard about mold in a house? But what is it, exactly? Possibly not It can be scary to discover those dark mold areas in your basement or shower. Fortunately, a tiny quantity usually won’t make you sick, but understanding the types, and how to remove and avoid mold can stop it from becoming a significant problem. Wait, what? Before we get started, let’s learn a little bit about mold. 

What is Mold? 

It thrives on wetness and is a fungus that can grow indoors and out. Small spores suspended in the air land on moist surfaces, proliferating to form mold colonies. Molds come in thousands of different varieties, most of which are benign. However, some mold might be an issue if it compromises the structural integrity of your house. Some molds are poisonous as well and could harm your health. If you detect a musty smell, search the area for moist walls, carpet, flooring, and other areas that might serve as mold spore spawning grounds. The key is to address a mold issue as soon as it arises before the infestation gets out of hand or causes irreparable harm. Before jumping into mold removal, know about the danger of mold. 

Dangers of mold   

Depending on the variety, mold can pose a danger to your own home and health. The quantity of hazard depends upon the person. Some humans are greater touchy to mold at the same time as others are not affected at all. 

Some signs and symptoms that mold can motivate include:    

Nasal stuffiness Throat infection Coughing and wheezing Asthma signs and symptoms inclusive of shortness of breath Eye infection Skin infection Lung infections Chronic situations inclusive of cancer, pulmonary bleeding, liver and kidney situations

10 Types of Molds


It is a big one. You probably know it as “black mold,” and you don’t want to see it in your home. This toxic mold can cause allergies and severe health problems such as breathing difficulties and depression. It occurs in damp areas. Connect with the best black mold removal for better results. 


Stachybotrys is one of the most famous molds, but Alternaria is Probably the most common mold. In particular, it is the most common allergenic mold in the world. It has a velvety texture and a “furry” appearance with dark green or brown fibers or “hairs.” Most commonly found in kitchens as it thrives in damp environments. It’s also one of the mold inspections to find the mold. This type of mold grows in water-damaged homes. 


Another mold (many of which are seen in this article) that often grows due to water damage is Chaetomium. It is generally fluffy in texture, starting white, becoming brown, and finally black. If you have a leaky roof or sink, you’re likely to encounter this water-holding mold, and you might notice it because of its unpleasant musk smell. Mold needs a constantly moist environment to thrive, so you should treat any underlying leaks before tackling this mold—nail infections. 


Penicillin may be better known as an antibiotic, but in a flood-damaged home, it can develop the allergic mold that is the basis of a famous drug. Unfortunately, growing it at home does not cure bacterial infections. Instead, it can cause severe respiratory problems for humans and pets in your home. Penicillin spreads rapidly and is found in sewers, carpets, mattresses, and wallpaper. Is. It tends to occur in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and leaky windows and can pose a potential health hazard, but it’s mainly caused by water damage that can attract more severe mold to your home. 


Acremonium is an exciting mold. It can be pink, gray, orange, or white and begins as a damp mold that dries into a powdery substance. Commonly found in drain pans, humidifiers, cooling drains, and window seals. It’s not as common as these molds, but you should be careful—impaired brain function. 


Aspergillus is a common mold found throughout the home, but in this particular mold, he appears in a wide variety of colors considering there are over 185 different species. Its spores are long and bulbous and form the “wall” of the mold. 


Unlike most molds, Cladosporium has a relatively unique ability to grow in both cold and warm climates. It’s also found in closets and under floorboards, but it thrives in fabrics like carpets and upholstery.


Like Cladosporium, Fusarium can grow in cooler temperatures (most molds thrive in humid and warm conditions). It grows extensively on carpets, wallpaper, and fabrics and spreads throughout the winter. Fusarium is usually pink, white, and red and grows naturally in compost and various foods. 


If you see pink, brown, or black mold behind walls or on painted surfaces, it’s probably Aureobasidium. It’s primarily an allergenic mold (meaning it’s not as “toxic” as many other molds on this list), although it can cause skin rashes when touched. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of molds, some of which are relatively harmless, but the presence of mold can be seen in the presence of damp, damp areas in the home where all types of molds can grow. It may indicate that Mold – including anything that can harm your health and home. 

Pink mold  

If the shower curtain or bathtub has not been washed for a while, a discolored pink film may appear. This is known as “pink mold”. But calling it to mold is a misnomer. It’s a bacterium called Serratia marcescens those feeds on soap scum. It can cause problems, but it’s not easy to get infected. 

How To Remove the Mold? 

Though you could discover many approaches on the net, approximately a way to cope with mold, however, you want to discover straightforward experts who enable you to cast off the mold easily. If you’re looking around for the assistance of friendly Mold elimination professionals in Toronto & closer location: Without any doubt, ONT Restoration is an excellent choice for mold removal in Toronto. At ONT Restoration, our expert group continuously tries to be excellent at our work. We admire your house even if it is running correctly and cleanly. We provide diverse offerings consisting of flood harm restoration, hearthplace harm restoration, & many more. Connect with us Today! 

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