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Cartilage Jewelry Guide for the ones Who Are Getting Their Cartilage Pierced

Cartilage Jewelry Guide for the ones Who Are Getting Their Cartilage Pierced

The options are endless for picking which cartilage piercing to get because there are so many

attractive ways to hit your ears. The standard is significantly higher when it comes to piercings

that extend past the earlobe. In casual situations worldwide, cartilage piercings have become

highly fashionable among working people and have served as a powerful expression. Since they

let you mix and match several earrings to create your look, ear parties are quickly becoming

extremely fashionable. Whatever kind of cartilage jewelry you wear will showcase your style,

from helix to daith and rook piercings.

Here is a brief guide to explain the many kinds of ear piercings and the jewelry that goes with


1. Straight barbells or captives, preferably made of 14k gold body jewelry, 18k gold, or

premium titanium, are used to puncture the majority of cartilage.

2. 16 gauge (16G) is typical for cartilage piercing, while 18G is occasionally used.

3. Ensure you maintain a daily cleaning schedule for your new cartilage piercing.

4. Be aware of the dimensions of your piercing.

Various cartilage piercing types

Helix piercing

The helix piercing also referred to as the rim, involves puncturing the cartilage of the top ear.

When making a helix piercing, a piercer will often pierce the ear using a free-hand technique.

The most popular accessories for this kind of piercing are hoops like captive bead rings (CBRs),

cartilage studs, or seamless rings.

Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing is another well-liked piercing. The tragus is the region of cartilage directly in

front of the ear canal.

A cartilage stud is frequently utilized in the tragus, while tiny captive bead rings or hoops are

also popular.

Industrial Piercing / Scaffold

A scaffold piercing consists of two piercings connected by a single straight piece of jewelry using

a hollow piercing needle.

Industrial piercing jewelry is often a 14G 1-inch barbell, though a 16G is occasionally



Gold, titanium, and implant-grade stainless steel are all excellent choices for cartilage piercings.

Verify that all of your jewelry is nickel-free (nickel can irritate your skin, especially if you have

an allergy to it) and that any gold earrings are 14k gold. For a new piercing, gold that is 18k or

above is too soft and may house bacteria.

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