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The Top 10 Inhouse Medical Billing Issues

Amelia Linda
The Top 10 Inhouse Medical Billing Issues

Managing a medical practice has never been simple, and there is no reason why it will be now, unless you outsource it to the right professionals. In no small measure, the process can be exhausting and challenging when it comes to an internal medical billing team.

Let’s get straight to the in-house medical billing issues, shall we?

1.  Quality Resources

If you don’t have access to quality software, patient education programs, productivity tools, or customer service, you’ll be forced to carry on the old-fashioned method of doing things with medical billing. Resources for medical billing are required to maintain a high percentage of clean claims and increase revenue. In terms of inhouse medical billing, this is one of the biggest issues.

2.  Medical Billing Software

Medical billing software which is not specifically designed for your business, will simply introduce inefficiencies into your billing process. Software that touts being all-purpose or suitable for all specialties, should always raise red flags in your inhouse medical billing team. 

3.  Big-budget

According to a lot of reports, building an internal staff is significantly more expensive. It becomes more expensive compared to outsourcing your medical billing process as you pay for medical insurance, reimbursements, pay raises, etc., and invest on the technological side too. A third-party firm like Medisys Data Solutions, which has devoted medical billing specialists on staff, will not only do the task for you and help you save a ton of revenue.

 4.  Poor accountability

One of the numerous areas that requires cautious oversight is the medical billing division. It is a place where employee negligence, incorrect claim denials, and irrelevant bill tossing, are all quite widespread. No one is really accountable for anything because they do not hold that experience in the team. Running the complete medical billing operation becomes very challenging without accountability and responsibility from every member of the team. And what better way to give the experts the accountability aspect. By doing this, your business can avoid having to deal with legal issues, worry, and being held accountable when things go wrong.

5.  Inaccurate coding

Making changes within your practice will help you avoid inaccurate coding, which can lead to an increase in claims denials. Measures that can be taken to prevent errors that lead to denials include making sure clinical personnel are well-trained on the most recent ICD-10 coding updates, continuing the education of coders, and making sure staff members communicate with doctors when documentation problems arise.

6.  Recurring Payments

Payment delays seem inevitable when systems rely on either customers’ paying for services or insurance companies stepping up and paying. Although opening up online payments, credit card payments, and other channels can help, implementation can be challenging for some solutions aimed at increasing payment accessibility.

7.  Staying afloat of information

Verifying people’s personal and insurance information is an integral part of the billing process. When the current software solutions are insufficient and information becomes outdated, numerous additional steps must be added to the process in order to obtain the correct information and confirm it before the receiving payment.

8.  Support for Tech Implementation

Another major issue is that when high-tech solutions are used in medical facilities, they frequently don’t come with adequate implementation support, which results in additional issues. Up until a mature and experienced internal staff is prepared to take up that duty, establishments and their teams require enough training and technical assistance.

9.  Attrition

Maintaining highly talented employees might be just as difficult as hiring new ones. They are constantly looking for better possibilities at larger hospitals and companies. This occurs as a result of the constant need for experts and the willingness of organizations to provide substantial compensation.

10.  Growing Cost of Technology

Before starting a firm in the healthcare sector, it is important to understand the costs associated with technology, such as those for servers, workstations, software, etc. A simple computer server costs a few thousand dollars to purchase for a relatively sized firm. Additionally, purchasing medical billing software and upgrades can be very expensive. All of these possibilities increase the providers’ financial burden. 

Having Your Medical Billing Outsourced Has Many Advantages 

As medical billing takes time, it requires you to understand the entire process, and becomes complex for a variety of reasons, from submitting    claims to receiving reimbursements, you may concentrate on your patients.

When working in the field of medical billing and coding, consistency is crucial. Bills and claims must be submitted on time, and accounts receivable must be closely monitored so as not to go overboard. You can hire dedicated specialists to focus solely on the billing and money collection process by working with an outsourcing business like Medisys Data Solutions.


Medisys Data Solutions is one of the most flexible medical billing services. With its extensive understanding of ICD-10 codes and payer guidelines, it can handle the revenue cycle for 32 medical specialties. Experience is the last but not least! In no small measure, companies that specialize in medical billing, like Medisys Data Solutions, have a great deal of knowledge and experience in this field. The outside billing team can address all unforeseen obstacles and other concerns more quickly than the internal billing staff could.

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Amelia Linda
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