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Why Companies Should Stop Trying to be “AI-First”

Why Companies Should Stop Trying to be “AI-First”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning services are the new jargon for the techno-savvy industry. Companies use the term AI-first in all their web and marketing copies. They create hype around the term and try to gather the market, investors, and end-consumers’ attention toward their business.

We try every possible thing to attain their interest by promoting as the first artificial intelligence and machine learning companies. But did we ever thought what could be the other side of the story? How we can impact the mindset of product and service curators by raising the hype around AI?

Well! This might not be the best approach that any company could practice. Promoting your business as AI-first is somehow misleading people.

Let’s see why companies should stop using it

1) Customer Convenience and Preference

Changes are inevitable but the only incessant thing in any business is the fact that customers are the king. They always prefer a service that can be convenient for them. Hence companies must focus on their preference and plan marketing strategies accordingly. Promoting your company as one of the top AI and machine learning companies cannot serve their interest.

2) Process is Important

 Artificial intelligence and machine learning for business are meaningful until and unless both end-users and companies are liking the service. What if the service is not adding any extra value to the organization and not solving any problems? Companies must understand the demand and nature of the service in the market and then create hype around it. Analyzing all the aspects can be crucial. Suppose you installed an AI-based voice recognition device. Now being a banking sector it cannot be as beneficial as it could be in sectors like medicine and healthcare.

3) Product Matters

The core product of your industry is the most important thing. You must focus on the product or service of your industry. Your marketing industry must be product-centric and then followed by technology-centric. Customers might like your technical service but what if they are not satisfied with the quality of your product?

So it is always advisable to set the priority based on its importance. Prioritizing your product and service is the most important thing. Instead of promoting ourselves as one of the best machine learning consulting companies, we must focus on our end product.


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