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Get Healthy Skin with Skin Care Clinic

Get Healthy Skin with Skin Care Clinic

There is no doubt that we all love to enjoy our holidays with a bang. Some of us like to disappear amidst the beauty of the large mountains, while others like to have a sun bath at the beach. 

But once they are over and you start seeing your face back in the mirror, you have to focus on some dark patches on your skin. Well, in most cases, the tan from your skin will fade out normally, but if you are someone who needs to make things quick, then you have landed at the best place. 

Being the leading Skin care clinic in chennai, we have decided to bring some of the best ways to eliminate tan from your skin effectively.

So, let’s quickly get started with the blog!

Exfoliating your skin regularly.

By eliminating surface-layer dead skin cells using a homemade or store-bought scrub, gentle exfoliation can help lighten the tone of your skin. Just remember to stay out of the sun after you exfoliate. Sun protection can be provided by dead skin cells. When you take them off, you become more vulnerable to various forms of sun damage like sunburn, tanning, and additional skin damage. 

Black tea

Black tea also contains catechins and flavonoids, which protect the skin from UV-B damage. When used topically, black tea firms skin, fades blemishes, de-puffs, decreases pigmentation, relieves inflammation, increases collagen synthesis, and fights premature ageing.

Applying aloe vera gel

It is quite difficult to keep aloe vera gel out of the list when we are writing a blog or sharing any information related to skin care tips. In the case of tan removal, aloe vera gel has various skin beneficial properties like anti-inflammatory and also reduces the melanin production on the skin, which can also help you in reducing dark pigmentation and also promote healthy and shiny skin apart from removing tan from your skin.

Applying turmeric on the skin

This bright yellow spice has long been a skin lightener in India. While it has not been demonstrated to visibly lighten the skin, one studyTrusted Source, discovered that turmeric, when incorporated in a cream, may help protect against sun damage. The study also discovered that turmeric might increase the skin's moisture and natural protective oils.

On the other hand, turmeric may turn your face (and pretty much everything else, including your clothes and counter) yellow. To assist remove residue and minimising stains, use a face wash or makeup remover soon after a turmeric mask or topical application.

So, these are some of the best tips you can use to remove tan from your skin. You can also visit our ISMO official blog and Consult our Skin care clinic if you want to make your skin shiny and stronger or suffer from any adverse skin condition. 

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