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Keep Your Home Safe From Clogs With Dryer Vent Cleaning in Toronto

Eslam Mohamed
Keep Your Home Safe From Clogs With Dryer Vent Cleaning in Toronto

You can always rely on dryer vent cleaning in Toronto to solve your dryer issues. Most homes have dryers, and the units are used daily. Many appliances need maintenance and regular check-ups to last longer; the same goes for the units.

You can keep doing your usual chores everywhere without delay when you have a clean unit. However, when the unit is not maintained well, it starts showing issues. Usually, the problems begin in the dryer vent.

What Is the Best Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent?

Most professional cleaning services will advise you to have the unit cleaned at least once a year. The number of times you check and have your dryer vent cleaned depends on how often you use it.

The ducts will usually collect more lint or debris if you live with a big family or have plenty of pets around the house. You can notice many simple signs that show the unit needs a thorough cleaning. Clogging can do more damage to your unit when not resolved quickly.

It’s also more expensive to deal with clogging issues the longer you leave them unresolved. The best way to handle clogged units is to stop the lint and debris from accumulating before they destroy the ducts.

Essential Facts to Know About Dryer Vents

It’s crucial for dryers to always have optimum airflow. The ducts function as the exit for the heat produced during the drying cycles. When the ducts are clogged, heat gets trapped and could cause various accidents in the home.

Unmaintained Dryer Vents Can Cause Fires and Toxic Gas Leaks

There are three possible reasons you might smell gas leaks from the ducts. One is that there are leaks in your exhaust system. The cycle could pull in the air in the exhaust and mix them with the clothes.

Another reason is the dry filters which cause a foul gas smell whenever you open the dryer door. Then if the unit’s igniter fails, you can smell gas once you open the unit before the cycle is finished. If the light on the igniter slowly turns on and the gas smell starts to linger, it indicates something’s wrong.

Lint Screens Are Only 95% Effective

Even if your unit has a light screen, it still won’t be able to trap all of the lint that passes through. It can get even more clogged when you use your unit more often than usual. Lint screens can catch lint passing through them, but it also needs to have some space left to allow air to pass through,

If you have a large bag of clothes to clean, clean the lint screen after every cycle. Pet hair could also get stuck on your clothing if you have one or more animals at home.  

Clogged Dryer Vents Can Put Stress on the Unit

Dryers can get stressed or overheat when the ducts are clogged. If the hot air doesn't successfully pass through the ducts and go out of the exhaust, it stays circulating inside the dryer. The result is having the unit repeats more cycles, and it takes longer to dry the clothes inside.

The more you overwork the unit, the faster its wear and tear. Like other appliances at home, dryers can also break down when not properly cleaned after heavy use. Clearing up the ducts can help your unit to keep up with the number of clothes you plan to dry.

Mould and Mildew Thrive in Clogged Dryers

Ducts are prone to mold and mildew growth if they are clogged. Moisture in ducts can condense and form pools of water. Then it starts to mix with the lint trapped in vents, and they start sticking to walls.

It’s dangerous to leave mold and mildew to grow in the ducts. Not only do they look dirty, but they also trap the airflow supposedly directed outwards. Debris, lint, mold, and mildew trapped in the ducts spell trouble and should be cleared out as soon as possible.

Use of Plastic or Aluminum Foil Connectors

Some dryer vents need to be updated to the safety code in the local area. The material of the ducts is vital since it determines if they are fire hazards, it’s prohibited to use plastic or even aluminum foil-type connector ducts.

If you use a plastic or foil transition connector, it might be time to replace them. Most local building codes will require specific diameters for the type of ducts you install. These materials are prohibited because they are flammable and easily squashed; you must check them beforehand.

Only Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Should Handle the Work

Always call professionals first when you feel like you need to have your unit checked or cleaned. Never try to fix your unit on your own. You want to avoid incidents and unwanted fires by tinkering with the ducts.

Your dryer issue needs to be addressed since you want to wait until an actual accident. Professionals have the skills, knowledge, and also machinery to fix or replace the ducts seamlessly.

Keeping Your Home Safe From Clogged Dryer Vents

It might be the best time to clean your dryer vent. If you know that you have a good amount of clothes that go through the dryer daily and that you’ve noticed some signals, you have to call professionals. There are plenty of local dryer vent cleaners nowadays that could go and take a look at your situation.

Remember that when lint begins to accumulate inside the ducts, problems start to arise. Clogging is a result of months or even years of non-maintenance. When you have a well-cleaned dryer vent, it won’t have any issues. That means you can always prevent the problem beforehand as long as you regularly check the ducts.

Cleaning your unit will help extend its durability and will also help save the quality of your clothing materials. If you want your unit to keep operating at its optimum level, then make sure to contact a dryer vent cleaning in Toronto that you trust.

Eslam Mohamed
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