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Managing Careers with Efficiency

Mark Devin
Managing Careers with Efficiency

When looking into the Entrepreneur India posts, we found a psychology study that stated that multitasking is not good for the brain and might even cause annoying problems when we try to multitask too much in our daily lives. But that has led many people to be confused that, if that concept were true, why are people still multiple tasks and getting work done?


There are many other experts who believe that the reality is that you can perform well at one thing at a time. So if you are focusing on one thing each time, you can effectively do multiple tasks at any time.


Consider the example of Dave Nayak - a renowned American physician, philanthropist, farmer, and Deacon. Many of you might even know him as the proud founder of the Strength to Love Foundation (STL) and the owner of Nayak Farms.


Over the years, he has expanded his expertise through various workfields and shared his expertise to bring significant improvement to each one. For instance, when looking into the solutions related to the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, Dave formed the Dr. Dave on Call where he focused on assisting various small businesses and schools throughout Chicago. He even formulated and helped implement custom COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so that schools and companies from all over the world could operate safely during the pandemic.


This eventually led to the launch of “Dr.Dave On Call Podcast” - a popular podcast centred on certain medical topics that included the COVID-19 pandemic, and interviews nationally recognized guests who speak about relevant issues.


In 2019, Dave became the President of the Chicago-based non-profit ' ‘Strength to Love Foundation” which focuses on coming up with diverse ways of improving healthcare access, gun violence, and food security.


Moreover, Dave is considered one of the most popular farmers who has made significant progress in changing things for the better in this field of work. Dave became the founder of the Nayak Farms Sweet Corn Initiative where he has donated more than thousands of sweet corn to the major Illinois Food Brands that have been distributed to food pantries throughout Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and more places.

Quite recently, the White House invited and recognized Nayak Farms at the White House Conference on Hunger, Food, and Nutrition in Washington, DC. The conference released a National Strategy with actions the federal government has planned to take to create solutions to diminish world hunger for good and increase practices centred around healthy eating and physical activity that is bound to show its results as soon as 2030. 


As a professional at juggling his careers, here are two most important things we have learned from him when it comes to handling multiple careers:


Planning Ahead of Time


Balancing multiple careers means to have things planned out way before so that you are always prepared for what's about to come. If you are not keeping a close eye on your schedule, then it will be less likely that you will be ready to deal with unexpected events that could pop up anytime. To keep your priorities straight, it is essential that you take some time over the weekend to think through your schedule for the week. Keep your important work at the start of the week so that you can be done with them as soon as possible.


Stay Away From the Burn Out


When working in several jobs, you need to be careful that you take the time to give yourself a break. If you have the flexibility, take the whole day off, if not then make sure you get a few hours of rest. It is also important that you do not think about work when you do not have to.


Do not overestimate the strength of your body and push it far more than it can handle. It is crucial to give your mind and body rest otherwise you can face serious consequences of a burnout. Consider focusing on things more relaxing - you can exercise, go for a swim, read a book, tend to a plant or simply spend time with your loved ones. 

Mark Devin
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