Subtle Scream 6 Detail Supports Those Sam Being Ghostface Theories

bela sari

Since Sam was shockingly revealed as Billy Loomis' daughter, she's become a top pick for Ghostface in Scream 6, and the trailer might support this.

A subtle detail in the official Scream 6 trailer has hinted that Sam might be the next Ghostface. Sam was first introduced in Scream 5 as the brand new final girl alongside her sister, Tara. While it initially appeared that Sam had no ties to the previous Scream movies, it was later revealed in a shocking twist that Sam is the daughter of one of the first Ghostface killers, Billy Loomis.

Sam's direct link to Billy has since led her to become a fan-favorite choice for Ghostface because it would shift the franchise from its usual twists while bringing it back to its roots. Throughout Scream 5, viewers learn that Sam suffers from hallucinations of Billy, who attempts to coax a dark side out of her. Regardless, Sam continues to push these thoughts away, only using her dark urges to eventually save the day. However, while Sam might continue down this path in contrast to her father, Billy Loomis, a brief moment in the Scream 6 trailer suggests otherwise.


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Sam's Head Tilt To Ghostface In Scream 6 Hints That She's A Killer

During the Scream 6 trailer, there is a brief moment where Sam is covered in blood and pointing a gun at an unknown target. Sam then does a familiar head tilt, followed by a shot of Scream 6's Ghostface doing the same thing. Throughout the franchise, Ghostface has been noted for doing an iconic head tilt like many other slasher villains before him. This is usually done when Ghostface approaches a victim or after their kill, admiring their work. This mannerism has become one of the most iconic things about Ghostface. Therefore, the similarity between the two shots in the Scream 6 trailer is perhaps the best supporting evidence for the Sam becoming Ghostface theories.


bela sari
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