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The Need of Geotechnical Investigation for Safeguarding Your Construction Project

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The Need of Geotechnical Investigation for Safeguarding Your Construction Project

When we think of residential or commercial construction, the image that comes to mind is of a construction site, dust and debris, workers in uniform, and so on. People are still unfamiliar with the process that kicks off any construction project, such as mapping the area, planning construction, investigating the surface, and other requirements for safe construction work.


A construction project cannot begin without an accurate assessment of the site, the collection of information on underground utilities, and the process of selecting and acquiring the necessary power tools. Failure to carry out any of the pre-construction processes can be a major stumbling block that will impede the construction project later on.


Among the numerous processes that ensure a smooth construction project workflow, site investigation is an important one because it aids in identifying on-site constraints, potential solutions to those constraints, risk areas that require caution, and safety measures for construction workers and the general public.


What is Geotechnical Investigation?

Geotechnical Investigation is a sophisticated investigation method that utilizes cutting-edge technology and equipment to gain a thorough understanding of a site's conditions, including the various types of soil and rock found there. This method is ideal for obtaining important details about on-site groundwater conditions, thermal resistivity of the soil, engineering problems within the soil, and other topics.


An expert geotechnical survey is beneficial for any construction project because the information obtained can easily help you set your overall cost of the construction project, techniques used to build the structure, and other measures required for the project to proceed smoothly.


Whether it is a commercial, residential, or industrial construction project, hiring an expert for geotechnical testing services can benefit everything from a small pipeline project to the construction of a multi-story public building. 


Understanding How Geotechnical Investigation Works 

Even though the utilization of this process depends on the specific requirements of a construction project, there are some essential steps generally included in the investigation. The steps include: 


Recognizing the Site’s Conditions 

Every investigation using geotechnical engineering starts with analyzing and comprehending the site’s geology. Beginning a construction project by acquiring the required information about the physical conditions of the soil is a fool proof way of maximizing your construction output. With the help of investigation, we can detect the limits of the soil and evaluate all the possible solutions for crossing the obstacle. 


Evaluating the Construction Methods 

When you opt for geotechnical testing services, the experts collect soil samples from the site to test it and evaluate the characteristics and properties of the soil. At Aussie Hydro-Vac Services, the most advanced technology is used to investigate subsurface ground conditions in the best possible way. With all of the necessary information, the construction workers can meet with the clients, determine their needs, and choose the best construction method for the site.


Pre-Construction Assessment 

Once the construction method is determined, the site may require further investigation. This advanced assessment covers every last detail, such as the placement of underground utilities, their tolerance level to construction, and so on.


Concluding Remarks 

The best solutions for efficient construction are recommended by the professionals at the conclusion of the geotechnical investigation. Because the subsurface conditions have been thoroughly tested and evaluated, there is no room for error in the project, and construction can begin safely. This type of investigation also ensures that the construction site is safe for the public and that the foundation is not damaged.


Geotechnical Investigation: Is It Necessary? 

A standard investigation might not always be sufficient for starting a construction project. Moreover, it does not provide you with in-depth information about the potential risks on the site due to the nature of the soil and the presence of the underground utilities, leaving you unequipped and unprotected at the site. 


A conventional investigation may cost you time and money as you might have to change your methodologies later on in the project, due to the soil’s properties and limits. The construction could also demand you to hire an entirely different set of tools mid-project, raising the overall cost of the project. Even though using the geotechnical investigation is no prerequisite in any construction project, it offers multiple benefits and ensures maximum protection for the construction workers and the public.  


Hire the Best Geotechnical Investigation Professionals 

Aussie Hydro-Vac provides you with seasoned experts with years of experience, offering innovative geotechnical investigation solutions for your unique construction projects. CPT testing, seismic testing, soil sampling, standard penetration testing, geotechnical drilling, and other services are available. Whether it's a small or large-scale construction project, Aussie Hydro-Vac Services provides accurate and detailed geotechnical investigation results, ensuring your projects run smoothly.

Aussie Hydrovac
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