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Excellent Tools Every IOS App Development Company Should Know About

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Excellent Tools Every IOS App Development Company Should Know About

Today's app development market is competitive, and businesses of all sizes seek to benefit from well-designed, high-performance iOS apps. From startups to large corporations, IOS apps offer numerous advantages. Apple's app development limitations have been addressed with advanced tools and technologies, making it easier for programmers to build custom iPhone apps. To thank experienced iPhone app developers, we present the top IOS app development tools that an IOS app development company can use to create functional and user-friendly apps that can be approved and published quickly.

Top Tools that Help with IOS App Development

Below is a comprehensive list, along with details of tools that all mobile app development companies need when creating apps on the IOS platform. 

1. AppCode

AppCode, a tool built on the IntelliJ IDEA platform by JetBrains, uses plug-ins or custom-written ones to enhance functionality. It supports multiple programming languages such as Objective-C, Swift, C++, and JavaScript, making it popular among iOS developers. The essential advantage of using AppCode is its ability to simplify code writing and analysis, with an IDE and editor designed to detect coding errors and save time for developers.


  • A single integrated development environment that works with many programming languages, including JavaScript, XML, HTML, and CSS.
  • Intelligent code assistance helps you create clean code and reveals your context and project structure.
  • Built-in tools and integrations make it easy for developers to run, test, and debug the app.

2. Xcode

Xcode, introduced by Apple, is a tool for creating Swift apps for iOS devices and is the go-to choice for new developers to develop applications for various Apple platforms. Xcode provides a development environment with a text editor, compiler, and build system, making it ideal for writing, compiling, debugging, and publishing apps on the App Store. If you want to streamline your mobile app development time, and improve consistency and speed, consider using Xcode.


  • Graphical interface design and testing without coding.
  • Build, install, run apps and debug using the iOS SDK and Mac-based Simulator.
  • Access complete documentation through the Help index for easy information retrieval.

3. CocoaPods

CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. It helps developers manage third-party libraries and dependencies in their projects, making maintaining and updating them easier. CocoaPods integrates with Xcode and provides a simple and unified way to organize and install dependencies.

 It also helps resolve version conflicts between dependencies and ensures that all dependencies are compatible. CocoaPods is widely used in the iOS and macOS development community and is an essential tool for every IOS app development company.

Some key features of CocoaPods include:

  • Dependency management: CocoaPods helps manage dependencies and third-party libraries in your project.

  • Version management: It resolves version conflicts between dependencies and ensures that all dependencies are compatible.

  • Integration with Xcode: CocoaPods integrates seamlessly with Xcode, making it easy to use and manage dependencies.

  • Central repository: CocoaPods has over 78,000 libraries, making it easy to find and use popular libraries in your project.

  • Easy installation: Installing and updating dependencies is simple with CocoaPods, as it handles all the underlying complexities for you.

4. Fabric

Fabric is a mobile development platform that provides tools and services for developing, distributing, and managing mobile apps. It offers a suite of tools for app development, including crash reporting, beta distribution, and analytics. Some key features of Fabric include:

  • Crashlytics: Fabric's crash reporting tool provides detailed information about crashes and errors in your app, helping you to identify and fix problems quickly. 

  • Beta distribution: Fabric makes it easy to distribute beta versions of your app to testers with features like in-app updates and feedback management. 

  • Analytics: Fabric provides real-time analytics on user behavior and app performance, helping you understand how your app is used and make informed decisions about future development.

  • Integration with other tools: Fabric integrates with various other tools, such as GitHub and Slack, making it easier to manage your app development process.

  • Community-driven: Fabric has a large and active community of developers and users who contribute to the platform and share best practices.

  • User identity: Fabric provides tools for managing user identity and authentication, making it easier to build secure and personalized experiences for your users.

5. CodeRunner

CodeRunner is a budget-friendly, multi-language programming editor designed for iOS app development. It offers a robust IDE platform with advanced code compilation capabilities and numerous powerful features to make coding effortless. Debugging code can be challenging, but CodeRunner makes it easier by supporting debugging and fixing syntax errors while allowing you to develop advanced apps. With support for 25 programming languages, CodeRunner is a versatile tool for app development companies


  • Documentation sidebar
  • TextMate syntaxes and themes
  • File Navigator
  • Multiple selections
  • Automatic indentation support
  • Code templates
  • Symbol navigator
  • Web inspector and web tools
  • Ability to run code with arguments & input sets
  • Live process statistics display
  • High level of configurability.

6. APPlyzer

APPlyzer is a top-notch tool for gaining insights into app development and ranking across all iTunes stores worldwide. It enables you to identify the most relevant keywords for your app and your competitors and provides worldwide search results for iOS, Apple, Google Play, and macOS.


  • Global APP Rankings: APPlyzer provides daily and hourly ranking performance for the top 1000 iOS apps across 155 APP stores.
  • Competitor Insights: Get keyword rankings and search for competitors to understand your market better.
  • Email and Slack Alerts: Stay informed of significant ranking changes with daily and hourly alerts.


These were just a few of the best tools that can come in handy for any web and app development company in San Diego. If your developers have access to these tools and the necessary knowledge to use them, they can create magnificent IOS applications. We hope the information shared in this article will be helpful for you all. 

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