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Beyond Aesthetics: Why a DIY Fountain Kit Is a Good Idea

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Beyond Aesthetics: Why a DIY Fountain Kit Is a Good Idea

Everyone knows that installing a fountain in your outdoor pond, whether you hire a professional or use a DIY fountain kit, can result in an aesthetic treasure. The gentle sounds of babbling water offer a soothing sensory experience that welcomes an almost trancelike calm.

But a fountain is a practical investment, too - despite its utility as a meditation aid!

Here are some of the top reasons that installing a fountain in your pond outdoors can carry big benefits.

1. Oxygenate the water

One of the prime benefits of adding a water fountain (or some other sort of aerator) to your outdoor pond is that it will oxygenate the water.

This is good news for fish that have high oxygenation requirements and other aquatic life which cannot effectively gulp air at the surface (some fish can).

Also, other organisms that live in your pond (and support the overall health of the micro-ecosystem) will benefit from enhanced oxygenation.

2. Decrease sediment accumulation at the button of the pond

Sediment will form naturally at the bottom of a pond over time - but accumulation is more or less a product of stagnant water.

Most people don’t appreciate the dingy look of a muck-encrusted pond bottom. A fountain can fight back against this in two ways.

One, it will agitate the water, helping to prevent sediment from accumulating; two, it will oxygenate the water (as mentioned above) which will accelerate the decomposition of detritus that results in sediment deposition.

3. Fight back against mosquitos

Mosquitos thrive in stagnant water, but they can (and often do) drown in moving water. The simple addition of a fountain to your outdoor pond may be all you need to prevent mosquito infestation - and it’s much more eco-friendly than those toxic mosquito treatments!

4. Improve the quality of the water

You know that smell that comes from still water - almost like rotten eggs? That’s a combination of methane and hydrogen sulfide (with some other gases in the mix).

It arises from microbial activity and accumulates in the sediment at the bottom. Agitating the water will decrease the dissolved concentration of these gases in the water - leading to a pond that smells better!

5. Help prevent and control algae growth

Most algae need low-light conditions to thrive. A fountain that mixes up the water will circulate more algae spores toward the surface, making it difficult for them to thrive.

Just like mosquito control, a fountain is the perfect toxin-free solution to treating for algae.

Do It Yourself with a DIY Fountain Kit from Blue Thumb Industries!

While you can partner with a professional to install your water fountain kit or create a custom solution, don’t think you need to wait. You can do it yourself with one of the DIY fountain kits available at Blue Thumb Industries!

Blue Thumb Industries is run by people that get excited about water features - whether they are fountains, aquaria, or waterfalls - you name it.

They sell a wide range of fountains, pumps, lighting, basins, kits, and much more, plus they have a number of helpful educational resources.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a fountain to your pond, don’t put it off any longer. Get in touch with the people at Blue Thumb Industries today (ShopBlueThumb.com) by checking out their website to learn more.

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