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Online Hotel Booking Portal

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Online Hotel Booking Portal

Global GDS Hotel Booking Portal provides online reservations which help the end traveler in every aspect of hotel booking being at one place by reducing the physical effort of meeting travel agents for reservations.

What Is Online Hotel Booking Portal? And How It Is Important For the Travel Industry?

We are experts when it comes to Online Hotel Booking Portal Solutions! Working with experts in the hotel and hospitality industry, and after the successful delivery of online booking portals for single/multiple property owners and aggregators, we can deliver the most effective booking solutions for your property!

Our Online Hotel Reservation Portal Application is one of the most advanced and powerful booking portals. It has derived the best of features from popular booking portals and also includes many more innovative features.

Global GDS is used by travel portals worldwide to offer availability search and secure online booking to owners and operators of travel portals.

Instead of sharing commissions with affiliate networks portal operators can now own the relationship with their customers and contract hoteliers on any basis they choose. With advanced control over search groups and a fully white-labeled control center, the Global GDS online hotel booking portal is both easy to use and immensely powerful.

Global GDS hotel booking engine contains all the major functions essential for high-quality online hotel reservation software

We designed & delivered a full-featured hotel listing portal along with features to manage hotels, rooms, facilities, reservations, prices, and availability. Hotel details including address, contact, picture gallery, map, rooms, prices, availability, features, add-on services, extra bed prices, weekend pricing, discounts, etc. can be managed easily using the developed solution.

It also includes basic CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management and Support System. Visitors can register & pay online to make reservations. The system is designed in a way that allows easy extensions to allow fully automated reservations, and allow access to the portal to hotels and other agents to enhance their offering.

The hotel industry in the world thrives largely due to the growth in tourism and travel. Due to the increase in tourism with rising foreign and domestic tourists, the hotel sector is bound to grow.

There is a rise in spending on hotels in India to cater to most of the populace who look for a moderate stay.

The revolution of the E-Commerce industry boosts the immense growth and potential business opportunities of the online tourism market. The development of web travel booking operators has turned into a worldwide phenomenon and speaks to one-third of total worldwide travel sales.

For the hospitality industry, the online booking business is a logical way to extend bookings to their central reservation centers. Third-party travel companies have gained a large number of visitors looking for a one-stop shop for all hotels in the city.

The recent economic crisis is causing a huge decrease in demand and an increase in the rate at which hotels are participating with online distribution vendors.

The advantage of utilizing global distribution channels is that they give a single database from which all booking sources draw prompt room accessibility and room rates. Earlier travelers contacted hotels directly or used a travel agency to make a room reservation.

Nowadays, a traveler can make a reservation on hotel websites that give them pictures and virtual tours to make their choices. Room tariffs are shown on the websites along with deals and discounts.

Global GDS Online Hotel Booking Portal

Hotel Booking Portal is a web service providing online functionality of searching and booking hotels. This web facility makes the area of one’s web-based booking website more extensive.

It allows you to provide consumers with more options to choose their ideal stay place in a particular city. Thus it enhances your business beyond the limit.

Business Expansion implementing our Hotel booking portal you and your consumers will immediately have access to an extensive inventory of hotels.

With the accommodation options available so vast, and the booking interface so user-friendly, the Global GDSHotel Booking System will automatically attract people to your website, increasing your customer base effortlessly and authorizing you to focus on promoting new business through other avenues.

The Global GDS online hotel booking portal will allow you to integrate all the hotel-related services we offer with your systems, databases, and websites.

This will allow you to host a web booking engine that requests real-time information from Global GDS and immediately displays the results for use by the customer. This can be designed in any way you please, and a payment gateway can also be incorporated should this be required.

Global GDS Hotel API

To expert the best deals available in the market, travelers tend to search several portals and halt at one that provides them with the best result that they are looking for. To decode the demands of travelers, there is a requirement from the side of the travel portals to know what the travelers are looking for.

Hotel API is one of the main inquiry arrangements, that enables the hotels to give the best and most ideal indexed lists to the travelers so they can do what needs to be done with the portal and book their way with the arrangement.

The software solution, the portal gets real-time search data and gets to know about the requirement of the travelers regarding hotel booking. This may include the rooms, landing place, and the budget of the traveler.

Global GDS hotel booking API has tied up with thousands of hotels in India, Which includes small guest houses to 5-star hotels. Many travel portals in the world use Global GDSAPI. Our API has been outlined to cover all real-time requirements of small-medium travel agents, portals, and guests.

Benefits of Online Hotel Booking Portal & Hotel API

  • Business Expansion: After implementing our booking portal, you and your clients will immediately have access to an extensive collection of hotels. With the convenience alternatives accessible so immense, and the booking interface so easy to understand, the TBO hotel API will consequently draw in individuals to your site, expanding your client base easily and allowing you to focus on promoting new business through other avenues.
  • Customer Satisfaction: People discover orchestrating an occasion a complex task, as we must make the procedure as basic as conceivable at all times. By offering your clients a single platform that allows them to search and reserve a large number of hotels, you will be making their lives simpler and exceeding their expectations.
  • Time-saving: Booking hotels will become a much quicker, slicker process, due to a user-friendly interface and instant confirmation. You’ll never again need to enter information physically on different events, as our API will hold every one of the subtleties and data you need in one spot.
  • Cost savings: Cost savings will be evident in many areas. There is no need for software, so no installation or maintenance will be required. The capability to reserve instantly, with real-time pricing and availability on display will save a great deal of time and decrease operational costs.
  • Integration with the TBO hotel API will give you access to all the suppliers and hotels we have collaborated with for just a one-time fee. This implies you won’t need to spend anything on the system or substance improvement anytime later on.
  • Personalized service: The Online Hotel Booking Portal will allow you to integrate all the hotel-related services we offer with your systems, databases, and websites.
  • This will enable you to host an online reservation engine that requests real-time data from TBO and instantly displays the results for use by the clients. This can be designed in any way you please, and a payment gateway can also be incorporated should this be required.
  • From various research in online hotel booking portal systems, it is evident that many respondents may choose to rent a property instead of a hotel room which is indicating that the shared economy accommodation aided by online websites can be done in a full-fledged manner more than what is prevalent now in the world.

Booking of hotels online has increased over the past five years due to the convenience and the time-saving factor which has led to some global hotel booking portals opening up its venture. Domestic hotel websites must be prepared to take up stiff competition from foreign-based websites.

As far as the information about the hotels that are being provided by the hotel booking portals, a few respondents have put forth their suggestions that, sometimes the information about the hotel is deceptive.

To curb this, the website personnel can conduct half-yearly or annual visits to the hotels which are a part of their option amidst thousands of other hotels, to monitor whether the information provided on the website is true or false information.

Considering the huge growth of technology in the hotel industry, it is essential for people who do not know how to book hotels online, to be aware of such online websites and make good use of the technology. The suggestion would be to advertise more about the presence of these online websites across various media.

Online Hotel Booking Portal system requirements

  • Suitability: The hotel booking portal system should be suitable for administrators, people who manage the system, workers, and, obviously, guests, who use this. For administrators and laborers, it shouldn’t be hard to make, view, update, and erase information. For visitors, it should be clear enough in use, with the goal that they don’t get frightened off by hard and difficult to get controls and structure.
  • Reliability: The system should be able to keep working even in case of a partial failure, regardless of whether it implies that the general execution is adversely influenced.
  • Faults should be automatically detected and revealed in the event that they go outside the normal outcome. Technical support, for this reason, must be available to react at any moment, so that the system could function.
  • The system should have more than one server, on the off chance that 1 of them crashes and a couple has various duplicates of information on the off chance that the system falls so similar data can be accessed from a better place. Reverse recovery and forward recovery should be accessible.
  • Learnability: A normal client should have the option to figure out how to utilize the system in a short time frame, with the goal that he won’t give up on the system and go to another. The system should be attractive for the clients with the goal that they would invest more energy in the site looking for data or some other need they may have. The longer time spent on a website increases the chances of a reservation. Being memorable is important for prospects or when a user is picking between systems.
  • Maintainability: The system has to be easily maintained and updated. For those goals, the best option would be a special administrative page, with preprogrammed functions, which in the long run will prove useful for the business as a whole, since it will save a lot of time. The regulatory page is easy to know, learn and use.
  • Performance: Each search should be done in less than 1 second and the average page load shouldn’t be over 0.5 seconds. Waiting too long can frustrate the user, so he might leave for another system. Software should have enough equipment assets to have the option to withstand peak traffic hours and get by in the event of a halfway system failure.
  • Interoperability: hotel reservation system is a convoluted system that not just the hotel itself utilizes, so its interoperability must be extremely high. In present-day practice, each significant hotel is associated with the worldwide reservation system kept running by world top organizations.
  • They exchange data, and so on. Another perspective is having all the littler organizations that are in the hotel and an area associated with it.
  • For example, the hotel café and shops would require data about the number of individuals, their ages, and the duration of their stay.
  • New patterns in web booking are changing the online market and travel. New advancements make it feasible for guests to Websites to contrast costs in different goals concurring with an assortment of criteria.
  • It is conceivable to consolidate contributions; modern Web systems prescribe which move to make and they propose the best decisions; hotel visitors can rate hotel services and facilities and advise other travelers about spending holidays in a specific facility. The hotel business is getting increasingly focused and complex every day.

Key Features:

  • Full CMS Features to manage all sections of the portal from the Multi-User Administrator Panel
  • Dynamic Property & Hotelier Management with an unlimited number of hoteliers, properties, rooms, etc.
  • Allows direct modifications in reservation requests by admin
  • Manages Customer Payments, Receipts, Refunds for Cancellation, and Credit management
  • Configurable Email & SMS Notifications to Customers, Hotels & Admin
  • Supports SSL Certificate for Secured Shopping Assurance

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