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FASTag Balance Check: Online, SMS & Customer Care Number

Shreya das
FASTag Balance Check: Online, SMS & Customer Care Number

FASTag is an electronic toll payment system for India that allows toll payment for National Highways hassle-free. It utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to scan the code, and deduct the tax on tolls from the account linked to it or wallet. At present, 527 national highways have implemented the technology to enable the service. Federal Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari remarked that the payment of tolls through this method has substantially decreased down the cost of fuel and also time.

The 1st of October, 2017, FASTag went live across 370 toll stations on highways. In the next three years of trials using this electronic toll payment method will become mandatory on 1 January 2021 for four-wheelers. If you’ve used this service, you’ll know how easy you can just go through the toll plazas. However, you have to have a balance in the associated account. To ensure that you have enough funds to cover your expenses, you need an FASTag balance check.

The ministry has created different platforms that permit users to pay for their services and track the FASTag balance. We have listed a variety of methods to check the status of balance. You can give it a go.

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Different Ways for FASTag Balance Check

The option of a simple electronic toll payments was introduced in conjunction with the goal of total electronic payment for Toll plazas. This means that there are numerous options available to users to handle the process. If you’re wondering how to check the FASTag balance on your account, we’ve provided the solution for you. It’s available through apps, websites as well as SMS and customer support. Read the following points and discover different methods for the identical.

1. Checking FASTag Balance on the Official Website

The official website of FASTag lets users inquire about balances and recharges through this website. In addition, NHAI has also linked it to 13 banks some agencies, as well as electronic wallets to facilitate recharge, as well as other offerings.

This has made the balance check simple and straightforward. All you have to do is access these portals and log in with your credentials. Then, visit the pay and view section on the site. On this site you are able to also look for fees for tolls based on car type.

2. Check Balance with My FASTag App

The specific app that supports this feature is called “My FASTag App. Another application developed created by NHAI is called FASTag Partner. It is accessible for Android as well as iOS smartphones. This app is the one-stop solution for your queries like how to monitor your balance or the best way to charge it. It is possible to start using the application by signing up your mobile number that is linked to this service. Also, make sure to examine your balance and replenish your account to ensure that you never fall short of the fee amount.

  • Download the MyFASTag App via either the Play Store and Apple Store.
  • Log in using your phone’s number.
  • Select the bank where you purchased this service tag.
  • Enter the vehicle’s number.
  • Enter your tag UPI ID.
  • Click on the validate button to continue.

You can visit the bill payment section to check the balance.

3. Balance Check using SMS

Are you aware of how to verify your FASTag balance using SMS? Once you’ve applied for the account, you must link your mobile number to the account. From now on, your the balance on your FASTag can be easily monitored. You will be informed every time you pass through the NH the toll station. You will receive the notification via the registered mobile which is the way you will be informed of the balance of your FASTag account.

4. Call Customer Care to Know Your FASTag Balance

Another way to find out FASTag balance is to contact. Yes it is possible to do it. NHAI will require you to sign up the mobile phone number you have. If you’re done , dial +91–8884333331. It is a toll-free phone number that is available 24 hours a day. If you dial them you’ll receive a report on the current amount in your wallet.

5. FASTag Helpline Number for Balance Enquiry

NHAI has opened up a range of possibilities for customers to be able to help and help. Users can call 1300 from their provided mobile numbers. The FASTag assistance line will assist you with balance inquiries.

Check FAStag Balance for Linked Bank Portals

NHAI has allowed 13 banks to sell and provide FASTag services. Even today, when it will become obligatory in January 2021 you can visit the bank associated to purchase the FASTag. After you have it, you will be able to use the services offered by that specific bank. Additionally online recharge for it is very easy and you can also use credit cards to make the payment.

Let’s get to find out how to inquire about balances on FASTag online. Users can visit their banks’ respective portals for recharge, balance checks or any other service. We have explained how to find out the balance by using the top banks.

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1. How to Check ICICI FASTag Balance?

If you purchased this tag at ICICI bank or received a free FASTag from them You can access this site to get specifics about it. Through this website users can charge their FASTag and check the balance. Follow the steps below to avail this service. ICICI services.

  • Visit the official website for ICICI Bank (The link is listed in the following)
  • Click on the customer you are already with to sign in.
  • In the disclaimer box click on ‘Click to Proceed.’
  • You will be taken to a different page.
  • Choose between the private and corporate cars.
  • You can now log in with either the your username or mobile phone.
  • You will reach your dashboard.
  • Here is the number of trips, Toll Plaza location, License Plate number serial number for Tags the total amount and outstanding balance.
  • It is possible to also download the PDFs of each receipt.

2. Find out the balance of FASTag on SBI’s Website

It is simple to determine the balance amount when you’re an SBI FASTag member as you is able to easily pay for transactions through SBI credit as well as debit cards. Service of balance checking and recharge also provide easy procedures to be followed. Follow the steps below to find out the balance easily.

  • Visit the SBI site dedicated to FASTag.
  • Input your phone number as well as password.
  • You must enter the verification codes.
  • After you log in, you’ll be taken to the dashboard.
  • Here you will find all details of the transaction including balance details.

SBI Portal: https://fastag.onlinesbi.com/

3. Use HDFC Portal for Checking FASTag Balance

If the tag you have is connected to HDFC Bank then this section can be helpful to you. For information on how to perform HDFC FASTag balance checking via HDFC bank’s portal, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Visit the FASTag website from HDFC Bank.
  • Click on the login to the retailer located on the right of this page.
  • When you’re done, you’ll arrive at the next page.
  • When you log in with secure login, enter User ID as well as Password.
  • Now , you can see the complete list of deducted, the current balance of your account as well as other details.

HDFC Portal: https://v1.hdfcbank.com/htdocs/common/fastag/index.html

4. Review Balances of the FASTag by using Paytm

If you’re looking to look for your Paytm FASTag balance, follow the steps listed below. If you have any other question make sure you dial the customer support number to get assistance.

  • Enter your login information that include the username and password.
  • You will see several related services, such as details about balances.
  • It is possible to also make use of it for recurring recharge alerts.

Paytm Panel: https://fastag.paytm.com/Login/Login

5. Contact FASTag to inquire about the balance AXIS Bank

Electronic toll collection on AXIS bank portal. AXIS banking portal can be a different service that will benefit those who have a FASTag associated with the bank. Follow the below steps to inquire about your the balance.

  • Visit your AXIS portal.
  • Click on “Retailer Road Users’ under FASTag Login section to the right.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • The page will be opened.
  • This page will show the amount you paid as well as the remaining balance as well as other information.
  • Find your balance on the FASTag using this method.

AXIS FASTag Portal: https://etc.axisbank.co.in/

How to Get FASTag?

If you’re new to FASTag’s electronic collection of tolls and you are wondering what you can do to obtain it for your automobiles? It’s easy to purchase these radio frequency sticker from RTA offices, banks, affiliated banks agencies, and well-known online retailers. You are able to also purchase it at Toll plaza, if you’re possessing current KYC documents. The cost is Rs100 as an one-time payment to make the purchase. In addition the purchaser also has to pay the amount of a security deposit that is refundable, in accordance with the type of vehicle.

The issue is that NHAI did not charge the purchase cost of the tag in order to enable more car owners to utilize the facility. Therefore, the it was completely free. FASTag was on offer from 15th to the 29th of February.

Why is it Necessary to Buy FASTag?

It’s not only required however, it is mandatory to purchase the tag and begin using it from January 1st, 2021 or later. If you’re not making use of it, purchase it before the deadline or you might be charged a fine also. It must also be noted that this is designed for four-wheelers and heavier vehicles. Utilizing this feature simplifies our lives as well as recharging or asking about balance is also been made a breeze.

What are the Documents Required for FASTag Activation?

There are certain documents that are needed to be submitted successfully the application. Review these documents as listed below:

  • Certificate of registration for the vehicle
  • passport-sized photos of the owner of the vehicle
  • Valid document to use for Identity document
  • A useful document to prove address

Benefits of Using FASTag — Electronic Toll Collection

While we’re mostly talking about ways to monitor the balance of FASTag on this blog, it’s also beneficial to learn about its advantages and other information.

  • Saves Fuel and Time
  • SMS Alerts
  • Manage Online
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Ease of Use

Final Thoughts

If you are using FASTag it is possible to traverse toll booths where the tag will then be scan and then automatically deduct the toll charges. This makes transactions using contactless and helps save time and fuel. Sooner or later, it’s going to become mandatory for National Highways. Another issue that comes up is how to determine the balance of the FASTag. This blog will provide an in-depth solution to this specific question. We have included all the ways that can help you determine the status of your balance on your e-toll payment system.

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1. How can I buy FASTag?

You can purchase FASTag at the RTA office bank, NHAI-linked, authorized agencies, and trusted eCommerce websites.

2. Can I purchase FASTag online?

Yes, make use of banks’ portals, such as ICICI, AXIS, Paytm and so on. To obtain the FASTag. You can also purchase it online through online shopping sites such as Amazon. More information about this in the blog linked above.

3. Can I get FASTag immediately?

You can buy the tag right away, however it will require a minimum period of time for delivery to reach you.

4. Do you have to purchase FASTag?

It is true, FASTag is mandatory to start using from the 1st of January 2021 onwards.

5. What is the credibility of FASTag?

The radiofrequency sticker has an expiry date of at least of 5 years.

6. Are we able to get FASTag from the plaza toll?

You can purchase it at Toll plaza, provided you’re carrying valid proof of identity to verify your identity.

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