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The Putchi - Hospital bag checklist

The Putchi
The Putchi - Hospital bag checklist

Hey beautiful mama!

Congratulations, your due date is approaching and you are half way closer to meet your little one. Thinking about packing your hospital bag and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry ,We’ve created the ultimate hospital bag checklist for mom and the baby. We want to help relieve as much stress as possible for when it’s time to meet your new bundle of joy, so we have got it all covered for you.

When to pack :

The best answer for when to pack your hospital bag is whenever you feel is best for you! The general thumb rule is to have your bag packed and prepared by 36 weeks or 37 weeks pregnant, just in case your baby arrives before the due date. Maybe consider packing your bag a week or two earlier if your pregnancy is more high-risk. Generally, it’s better to be packed early and it also is one more item you can check off your list!


The first step is to find the perfect bag to hold all your necessities. So once you’ve picked out the perfect bag, let’s run through some all that you’ll want for your hospital stay:  

Mandatory must have’s in your hospital bag for which you can just rely on us

●      Lounge wear: Our feeding friendly lounge wears and a couple of comfy dresses with buttons will be your best friends. They are cozy and make it easy for you to use the bathroom, have skin-to-skin time with your baby, and to breastfeed.

●      Our bamboo compression socks is a must have to soother your pain and give you the relief that you need

●      Underwear’s and Nursing friendly bra’s : Our #feellikewearingnothing undies and nursing friendly bra’s are designed to give you the comfort you deserve.

●      Home coming outfit - any comfy clothes will do. Maternity clothes work great ,they make it comfortable for you and the baby.

●      Feeding covers : Right after delivery you will have guests pouring in to see you and your little one. And our feeding covers will help you nurse comfortably even when people are around you.

●      Maternity pads: Trust us, this is a saviour. You will thank us later. (link to be added).

A small toiletry pouch which consists of:

 * Toothpaste

* Toothbrush

* Deodorant

* Chap stick/lip balm

* Travel-sized shampoo & conditioner

* Hair ties/hair clips

* Comb/ hair brush (yes, the process will leave your hair in a tangled mess.

Pro tip: If you can get most of those products in travel size, it’ll save a big space in your bag.

Things you need to be prepared with are:

* Nipple cream

* Water bottle

* Birth balls

* Sitz baths (Such a reliever)

* Healthy and nourishing snacks

* Massage tools

* Hot/cold packs for your contractions

* Bath towels

* A breast pump for encouraging stalled labor or expressing milk post deliver.

Essentials :

* A folder with all your paperwork - this might include a Photo ID, insurance info, hospital forms, the RI number details etc.

* Your phone and phone charger

* Glasses/contacts


Optional goodies

 Okay, so maybe these aren’t essentials, but it won’t hurt to throw in these nice-to-have items if there’s space in your bag.

* Airpods or earphones: music is an asset for some moms. Birth playlist anyone?

* A comfy pillow

* A good camera to record your precious moments



Now that you’re all packed and ready to go, let’s move onto the new baby! It might be kind of tricky to know exactly everything baby will need...but the good news is that they really need only the essentials.

* Cloth nappy/ Diapers

* Wet Wipes

* Soft tissues

* A couple of Swaddles

* Receiving sheets

* Rubber mats

* Blankets

* Jablas/ onesie’s

* Socks

* Hand mittens

* Hats /Hoodies to cover their head.

* Baby soap/ wash

* Soft towels

* Nappy/burp cloth 

* And a coming-home outfit (and hat!) for the baby.


Optional goodies:

Bottles ( just in case)

Nail clippers

And we are almost done!

The last step after zipping up your hospital bag is to keep it in the car or leave it by the front door -- and wait patiently for baby’s arrival! Good luck to you, mama. You’ve got this!


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The Putchi
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