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Everything you need to know about Drainage Cell

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Everything you need to know about Drainage Cell

Drainage cells help deliver an effective and strong sub-surface drainage network. This network is made up of square-shaped drainage cells that can be applied to a variety of uses.

From large-sized planter boxes and rooftop gardens to underground rainwater storage and infiltration, these cells can do it all!

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What is Drainage Cell?

Drainage Cell are the modular plastic products that are used to create a void for rainwater drainage applications. The name is a generic term, companies like Atlantis call their drainage cell product "Flo-Cell" to differentiate the product from competitors. The product comes in various shapes and sizes for different applications and rain water flow calculations. (The more expected flow of water, the higher volume of drainage cell required)

Common use case: (Planter Box)

One reason why drainage cells are so in demand is that they’re lightweight. Thus, they allow gardeners and landscape designers to do away with heavy aggregate when setting up their drainage systems. Another upside is that they’re constructed from high-strength recycled polypropylene (PP). This thermoplastic polymer is one of the safest types of plastic, which is why it’s used in making almost everything.

Among their multiple advantages is that these cells are impervious to soil-borne bacteria and chemicals. So, they’re considered the sturdiest and most durable than many other drainage systems currently on the market.

These cells work by linking together to form a uniform surface. They also create a void to allow excess water to drain out into the soil.

This unique design is how the cells are capable of maintaining a consistent temperature. As a result, heat is reduced, which reduces the risk of expansion.

Ultimately, this reduces the risk of cracks and fissures, as well as any possible leaking pots and garden beds is also reduced.

Drainage Cell Suppliers

Although there are many manufacturers and suppliers, not all draincell products are made equally. As the age old saying goes, "you get what you pay for" some suppliers sell cheap drain cell that does not have ample structural capacity and is known to crack and break under the load of heavy backfill or small rocks.

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