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Does Critical Health Insurance Policy Cover Paralysis?


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An area of your body might have partial or complete paralysis, which can be either temporary or permanent loss of muscular function. Any area of your body might be affected at any moment. For example, you will lose feeling in the limbs if you have persistent paralysis due to a brain or spinal cord accident or illness.

Before paralysis begins, there may occasionally be a tingling feeling. Control and movement are challenging when lower limbs are permanently paralyzed. Permanent paralysis can also result from multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, or a stroke.

Fighting paralysis is indeed not simple. At that moment, you will also want your family to be with you as a unit rather than be preoccupied with running the household.Compare insurance plans before buying them, therefore, it becomes really crucial.

Types of paralysis

When a person is paralyzed, they cannot move some body parts. It happens when improper communication exists between both the brain and the muscles. Complete or partial paralysis can occur on either of the body's sides and may be broadly characterized.

The other paralysis disorders, however, might be permanent, temporary, flaccid, and spastic. Other classifications are

  • In the case of monoplegia, the patient is unable to control their limbs.
  • Hemiplegia is a disorder in which a patient cannot control one side of their body.
  • Quadriplegia is a medical disorder in which a person loses control of all four limbs.
  • Locked-in Syndrome is a medical disorder in which the patient loses all control over all voluntary muscles in their body, except the ones that govern their eye movements.

Paralysis's root causes

Brain signals are well known to be responsible for directing how muscles move. Paralysis happens due to the signal not reaching the muscles from the nerve when there is damage to any element of the passage system, including the brain, nerves, muscles, and so forth.

There are several ways that the passageway system might get damaged. A birth abnormality like Spina Bifida, which occurs when the brain doesn't form right away, and the covering that protects the spinal cord doesn't form, can cause paralysis in a newborn.

The majority of people, however, experience paralysis as a result of an illness or event that affects how their muscles and nerves work. The common causes of paralysis are Spinal Injury, Several Sclerosis, Brain Injury, Spinal Malformation, Transverse Myelitis, Spinal Cord Tumor, spinal palsy, Myopathy, and Radicular neuropathy.

Paralysis Symptoms and Signs

Although it can happen suddenly, spine or brain injuries frequently result in paralysis, a medical disease. Paralysis in an individual can also occasionally result from malignant cells or a stroke. However, the immobility of a body is the most apparent sign of paralysis.

The indications might appear slowly and progressively everywhere on the body. Before paralysis fully sets in, there may occasionally be brief moments of numbness or tingling. During a paralytic episode, one could also lose control of the muscles in the afflicted area.

How is paralysis diagnosed?

Due to the absence of muscular control, paralysis is easily diagnosed. However, various tests, like MRI, CT scan, Electromyography, and X-ray, are used to identify paralysis. If necessary, the patient may be advised to see a neurologist.

The moment the patient obtains confirmation, the paralysis therapy begins. See a doctor or healthcare practitioner immediately if one notices sensory loss failure or a malfunction in muscle function in any portion of the body.

A person should also seek emergency medical attention if symptoms include decreased muscular function, decreased motor control, loss of speech and walking abilities, or spam.

Important Paralysis Facts

The number of bleeding and paralysis cases among people between the ages of 30 and 50 is now increasing by 50% annually in our nation. Atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm issue, is one of the most typical causes of paralysis in the nation.

It is characterized by a variable and accelerated heart rate. Obesity and prolonged high alcohol intake cause this disease to develop.

Policies for Insurance of Paralysis

Scientists are working to find a therapy for the sickness even though there isn't a known cure for paralysis. Therefore, the only option for a sufferer to have a lavish lifestyle is to take excellent care of themselves and, at the very least, have trustworthy health insurance coverage until a particular solution is discovered.

It is simple, quick, and clear to get paralysis health insurance from Okbima. Simply go to the official website, submit your personal information, and you'll be given access to various health insurance quotes tailored to your specific needs and price range on a single platform.

You need to compare insurance plans from different providers to have good monetary support.

Does a critical health insurance policy cover paralysis?

In the medical condition of paralysis, the patient cannot regulate how their muscles move. Paralysis frequently has two common side effects: sensory loss and motor loss. Although it can happen for several causes, becoming paralyzed is most often caused by injury to the nerve system.

Partial, total, temporary, or even permanent paralysis is possible. In rare circumstances, physiotherapy can effectively restore a specific organ's muscular and sensory functionality. Paralysis is regarded as a severe sickness since it is a dangerous condition.

There are some best insurance plans in the market for your use.

What is the cost of paralysis treatment?

The person with paralysis has to be examined medically, diagnosed, and given therapy. However, paralysis does not have such a treatment. However, patients might benefit from extended care and mobility to improve their lives in various ways.

The severity of the disease and the afflicted body area are essential factors in the therapy of paralysis. The cost of treating paralysis often ranges from Rs 7000 to Rs 1 lakh. But it's important to remember that the overall cost of paralysis treatment ultimately depends on several factors, including the patient's health, the severity of the problem, etc.

Dealing with paralysis is difficult. The victim and his or her family must deal with financial hardship and psychological suffering. A curse might result from insufficient health insurance coverage to cover such costs.

The critical sickness insurance plan can help in these situations. If you choose a critical illness policy with paralysis treatment coverage, you'll be eligible for a lump sum payment in one transaction upon receiving a paralysis diagnosis. This is why it is important to compare insurance plans before buying.

This money can be used for care, healing, and therapy. It would also help with other inevitable financial issues like covering up for lost income, changing one's lifestyle, repaying debt, etc.

How complicated can the situation get?

A paralytic ailment makes it challenging to live a regular life. In actuality, it may also result in severe health issues. The patient will always require a wheelchair, crutches, round-the-clock nursing care, etc.

Depression, chest discomfort, and high blood pressure are some of the most typical health issues experienced by paralyzed people. Additionally, brutality impacts the tolerant fertility and sexual behavior.

For men, maintaining a psychogenic erection for an extended time is challenging. While in females, full or partial paralysis has no impact on sex impulses or wants.

Therapy for paralysis in India

Treatment for the condition is advised based on the paralysis's symptoms and underlying causes. The doctor or medical professional may advise physical treatment, surgery, occupational therapy, a gadget to help you walk about, or even amputation.

Most of the time, this condition cannot be healed, but with the proper medication, one may manage the symptoms.

The following are some options for treating paralysis:

Rehabilitation and exercise

The person who has total or partial paralysis, whether in their hands or legs, benefits from physical therapy and appropriate, consistent exercise. In many instances, regular exercise results in the effective recovery of motor and sensory capabilities in the damaged regions.


The voice-command system may be used by a patient with quadriplegic paralysis to operate various appliances and equipment, including the thermostat, mobile phones, television, and lights.

However, people who have experienced locked-in syndrome can utilize specially modified computers to create short phrases and enhance their current communication style.


Surgery on the spinal cord or brain can reduce swelling, which helps alleviate paralysis; however, this depends on the cause of the problem.

  • Mobility

The best choice for persons with partial limb paralysis is a manual walker for short distances. However, this is only advised if the patient has adequate upper body strength. Those with weak upper body muscles can use electric wheelchairs.

These people can drive modified vehicles with lever-operated brakes, altered steering wheels, and accelerators.

This is why it is vital for the patient to have the best insurance plan.


Depending on how well they heal, someone paralyzed may find it challenging to lead a regular life. In other situations, a person must be confined to a wheelchair or crutches or perhaps receive full-time nursing care.

In these cases, a critical illness plan might help lessen the financial obligations related to the patient's care and upkeep. The family can retain their quality of life while making up for the expense of the therapy and the income loss thanks to the medical insurance support because the therapy is not inexpensive.

Therefore, be careful to comprehend health insurance, what it includes, and the many criteria, such as the survival term, before choosing a critical sickness policy. This information will enable you to select the Buy insurance plan most appropriate for you

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