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S-100L Jacketed Glass Reactor

Fan Leira

S-100L Jacketed Glass Reactor is a laboratory instrument used for mixing, reacting and distilling chemical substances. The reactor has a volume of 100L and is made of high temperature and chemical resistant borosilicate glass. The jacket design allows temperature control during the reaction, while the glass material provides process visibility. It is often used in large-scale experiments and production in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other industries.

100L Jacketed Glass Reactor Supporting Equipment:

1. DLSB-100/120℃ low temperature coolant circulation pump.

DLSB-100/120℃ Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump is a laboratory instrument for circulating coolant at low temperature. It consists of a compressor, condenser, and circulation pump that work together to provide a continuous flow of coolant. The pump is used in a variety of applications such as chemical reactions, materials testing and temperature sensitive experiments. The cryogenic coolant circulation pump maintains temperatures down to -120°C, ideal for cooling hot samples. It is commonly used for research and production purposes in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries. .

2. SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump.

SHZ-C Circulating Water Vacuum Pump is a laboratory equipment used to generate vacuum in a closed system by removing air or gas from the system. It is commonly used in chemical, biological and medical research laboratories, as well as industrial processes requiring vacuum. It is often used in chemical reactions that require a vacuum environment, such as vacuum filtration and distillation. It can also be used for drying and degassing samples, and removing solvents from sensitive samples.

3. GYY-100L high temperature circulating oil bath.

High temperature circulating oil bath is a laboratory instrument used to maintain a constant temperature for chemical reactions and experiments. It consists of a heating element and a container filled with oil that is circulated to maintain an even temperature. These baths are capable of high temperatures and are used in a variety of fields, including chemistry, biology and materials science.

100L Jacketed Glass Reactor Advantages:

The 100L Jacketed Glass Reactor offers several advantages for chemical reactions and process development in a laboratory setting.

1. Large capacity: The 100-liter reactor can handle a larger amount of reactants, suitable for large-scale experiments and production.

2. Temperature control: The jacket design of the reactor allows precise temperature control during the reaction. The jacket provides a space for the coolant to circulate and can be heated or cooled to maintain the desired temperature.

3. Visibility: The glass material of the reactor provides visibility of the process, allowing researchers to monitor the progress of the reaction in real time.

4. Chemical resistance: The reactor is made of borosilicate glass, which has strong chemical corrosion resistance and is suitable for a variety of chemicals.

5. Easy to clean: The glass material of the reactor is easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring the purity of the sample and preventing cross-contamination.

6. Versatility: The reactor can be used in a wide range of applications, including mixing, reaction and distillation of chemicals.

7. Safety: The jacket design of the reactor ensures that the reaction remains in a closed state, reducing the risk of leakage and accidents in the laboratory.

The 100L Jacketed Glass Reactor provides researchers with a reliable, versatile and safe option for large-scale chemical and biological experiments.

Fan Leira
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