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Water Cooler Sanitization Procedures for Bottled Water.

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Water Cooler Sanitization Procedures for Bottled Water.

Whether or not a pandemic is happening, water coolers still need to be cleaned and sanitised regularly. This prevents the transmission of illness, pathogens, and other unwelcome elements in the workplace.

Few businesses, however, invest the necessary effort, nevertheless. The office has been using the same water cooler for years without ever cleaning it well. Your employees might become sick, which is the worst-case situation. It might also cause those who drink from the cooler to become ill more often and feel lethargic.

Please refer to the detailed instructions below for properly disinfecting and cleaning your water bottle dispenser.

Stock Up on Supplies:

Be Sure to Have Everything You Need When you begin cleaning your bottled water cooler (which should only take about half an hour), have everything you need on hand.

To begin, you'll need rubber gloves that are snug fit so that your hands can fit through small openings. The inside of the cooler has to be disinfected, so you'll also need a clean microfiber cloth for that.

You should also have a cleaning solution and a pail containing several gallons of water ready. Pristine H2OK water cooler cleaning, available for just $12.95 on our site, comes highly recommended.

You will need a way to stop water flow from your hot and cold cooler. Coolers that generate cold and room-temperature water may not need a plug.

Remove All Current Water:

To begin cleaning and disinfecting your water dispenser, empty it.

Turn off the power to your fridge first. This will protect you from electric shock or any other harm while disinfecting the cooler and its components.

Turn off the power and remove the empty water bottle from the cooler's top. Water bottles should be used until they are empty or their contents emptied into another container.

The cold and room temperature faucets should be emptied when the water bottle is removed.

Make sure there isn't a spilling attachment on top of the baffle of your bottled water cooler before proceeding. When that happens, it's time to get rid of it. If not, the cleaning solution will be trapped within.

Wait until the H2OK water cooler cleaning solution completely dissolves in the cooler's tank, then replace the no-spill adapter.

Pour, Mix, and Wait:

After the cleaning solution is used, fill the tank with clean water. Prepare to wait 15 minutes before going on.

Drain the Taps:

Fifteen minutes later, unlock the cold and room temperature faucets to empty the water tank (also known as the water reservoir). Do not let the hot water in a cooler that may also be used to store cold drinks become drained.

After emptying the water, fill the reservoir with fresh water and run it through the hot, cold, and room-temperature faucets again to ensure a thorough cleaning.

After you're through, you may replace the no-spill adapter on the baffle of the water cooler. When that is done, put the fresh water bottle on top of the water cooler.

We provide a water delivery service, so if you're running low on water bottles for your cooler or want to switch providers, give us a ring.

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